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Making Stained Glass and Beveled Glass Wind Chimes

Updated on April 6, 2012

Beveled Glass Wind Chimes

Butterflly Beveled Glass Wind Chimes
Butterflly Beveled Glass Wind Chimes | Source
Flower Beveled Glass Wind Chimes
Flower Beveled Glass Wind Chimes | Source
Pineapple Beveled Glass Wind Chimes
Pineapple Beveled Glass Wind Chimes | Source
Large Snowflake Beveled Glass Wind Chimes
Large Snowflake Beveled Glass Wind Chimes | Source
Turtle Beveled Glass Wind Chimes
Turtle Beveled Glass Wind Chimes | Source
Stained Glass Flower Wind Chimes
Stained Glass Flower Wind Chimes | Source

Getting Started with Foiled Glass

I started doing stained glass foiling many many years ago. When I was doing Real Estate, I would make specialized gifts for my clients when they bought a house from me. I started buying personalized small items when I started in Real Estate, but I was always a crafter, so I would add something that I had handmade, maybe a cross-stitched dishtowel, or framed cross stitched item, sometimes a blanket or whatever I thought suited the person. Since I did so many crafts and loved color I decided to try my hand at glass working.

1. Take a small class or get some how to books so you know how to do things correctly.

2. Tools- to cut the glass, smooth the sharp edges and clean the glass.

3. Foil to wrap the edges- comes in different widths and edges straight or fancy. It sticks like contact paper, but the backing of the foil can be different colors. Black or silver because it shows at different angles when looking at the glass. Foil cutters.

4. Chemicals to paint on the foil so the solder will stick when you melt it on the foil.

5. Cleaner to clean the foil after soldering and patina to change the color of the solder to whatever enhances your item. You can make all the soldered parts silver, shiny, dull, or copper, or brass.... there are many chemicals....

6. An open air space or space with an exhaust fan over your work area so you are not inhaling the fumes. Do not do in your kitchen as the chemicals and fumes may adhere to your food preparation area and your food.

7. Many items can be ordered directly from companies, stores or online auction. Some pre-cut kits are available and beveled edged glass comes in assorted combinations.

8. to make chimes you can order various chime kits, chime already together, or make your own chimes out of glass of different sizes to get different tones, or silveware of different sizes and tones....Shells.... The world of creation is waiting for you even if only on the musical chime end.

9. Be sure to use non-rusting parts, i.e. any additional wiring or rings. Things may appear strong and beautiful, but when exposed to the outside elements rust will deteriorate many metal parts and then everything will fall apart.

10. So if you are cutting the glass yourself as in my blue flower chime, you will need a glass cutter, hand oiled wheel cutter is fine. Keep your oil tube full so eveything works smoothly.

11. After you cut the shapes you need to smooth the edges... you can use a hand file, but if you go crazy over things like I do, you will end up needing a grinder. The wheel on the grinder will smooth your edges so easily and make everything go much faster. Then you can do five pieces in the time you would do one by hand.

12. After you have smoothed the edges you will need to clean off the glass powder from the filing or grinding. There are glass rinses for this. Again, use the right facilities... these are tiny glass particles that you do not want on other things or yourself... Aprons and goggles are good, some use gloves, although I like to feel what I am doing.

13. Your glass pieces are now dry so you can wrap the foil on the pieces. There is a foil scissors that has a smoother on the edge that once you put the foil on you want to smooth it so it is sticking totally and you have no crinkles in the foil. These will show when you put the solder on, so smoothing is important.

14. Your pieces are all wrapped in foil, cleaned and then.. you put the chemical on the edges with a paintbrushe to make the solder adhere. You paint them with the chemical and then lay them on your work area in the pattern the flower or bird... or whatever piecework you chose.

15. There are many grades of solder, so you will need to read up on this. I am only giving you elementals. Solder can be made up of may components... I like the really shiny solder. So, you need at least a roll of solder, depending on the size of your piece and a soldering iron. These come with on off, or temperature control... sort of like your curling irons ladies... so get the one that will be the easiest to work with. You might want to make your temperature lower for softer solder so it doesn't overheat and run or burn. You unroll your solder and gently melt the sodder along the outline and joints of the piece.

16. It is all soldered and cooled, now clean the chemicals off again with the rinse and then apply whatever patina you want and then shine or just apply shining - cleaning creme to the solder and have plain silver solder edges. You will do a final rinse of your glass with your stained glass rinse cleaner after shining your solder.... and you will hold it up to the light and be tickled pink with yourself.... and then you can add chimes of your choice or making and listen to them tinkle in your garden and love the sounds and the look.

Have fun with another KittyCraft.

**I also used solder with more lead in it when I started and now I tend to go for as little as possible. You don't want to breath lead, or the glass powder. Your body cannot eliminate lead and glass particles are invisible but that doesn't mean they can't accumulate in your nostrils or lungs. I did many things as I was growing up that had toxic elements in them. I appear to be very healthy, so I don't want to contaminate myself. I taught classes in hazardous elements in your home, so I know even without doing extra hobbies with hazards, you are always exposed to elements that can hurt your health, so read before you do your hobbies so you are in appropriate surroundings.

***IDEAS****You can draw your diagram yourself, or use something from a coloring book. Before I did chimes I did musical themes for children and used ballerinas from coloring books, or Bears etc. There are so many things you can use. The same as with quilting. You can take one simple picture and make a stained glass window suncatcher, with dishtowels with the same thing appliqued, and a wallhanging and a quilt throw and bring your whole kitchen together.... and then in the garden outside the kitchen have a wind chime of the same theme.....


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    • KittySews profile imageAUTHOR

      Kitty Kitty 

      8 years ago from Rockville, Maryland

      This year my new hobby will be microwave kiln glass. I am going to make earrings and jewlry with a small microwave kiln. So if you are fascinated by glass, this may be something you can research. The start up cost for a kit is 99.00 with tools and kiln included. I had the opportunity to purchase a used microwave so I can use it just for my crafting.

    • KittySews profile imageAUTHOR

      Kitty Kitty 

      9 years ago from Rockville, Maryland

      Thanks for stopping by.... The glass is pretty in itself, but when the sun hits beveled edges, it adds a special sparkle effect that makes you keep watching..

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      It is very pretty and maybe I will be an admirer to this kind of art. Thanks KittySews.

    • KittySews profile imageAUTHOR

      Kitty Kitty 

      9 years ago from Rockville, Maryland

      Yes, I believe I gave away a lot of glass, some to my children, and yes, some on Craigslist...

    • Silva Hayes profile image

      Silva Hayes 

      9 years ago from Spicewood, Texas

      RNMSN, just wanted to add on here, if you have a Craigs List in your area, check there before you buy new tools. Also, you might be interested to know that stained glass shops often have scrap bins where you can buy beautiful stained glass scraps for a minimal amount per pound. Someone posted on our Craigs List that they were getting out of stained glass and wanted to just give away their inventory. I was the first to reply and I loaded up the back of my van with a huge amount of beautiful glass, for free. eBay is another place to check, both for glass and tools.

    • KittySews profile imageAUTHOR

      Kitty Kitty 

      9 years ago from Rockville, Maryland

      If you just want to try it... you need a small cutter, I like the oil tubes, but you can get something that is just a glass cutter-compare the costs... small pieces of glass, compare a small square of color with a box of squares if you think you will want to make something for everyone.. and you need the sodder, a soddering iron and glass rinse and chemical, all come in small bottles.. but of course larger is more economical... if you take a class you usually can find one for around 40.00 and they loan you the supplies for the class so you can see if you like it... look for a glass class in your area a local stained glass shop.

    • RNMSN profile image

      Barbara Bethard 

      9 years ago from Tucson, Az

      this is a craft I have always wanted to do but the cost has always stoopped me..what do you think is the start up cost of this craft and what are the absolute minimum things I would need to buy to start??


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