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How To Make Tri- Bead Napkin Rings

Updated on July 11, 2017

Beaded Napkin Rings

Tri-Bead Napkin Rings
Tri-Bead Napkin Rings

Instructions for Making Tri-Bead Napkin Rings

Napkin rings can sometimes be the perfect touch to highlight the dinner table. Use them to brighten the décor on a simple dinner and make every dinner a special event. They’re especially nice for holidays and are a great way to get the family involved in crafts for the holidays.

To begin this project you will need at least 2 packages of assorted color Tri-beads or one package each of the colors of your choice. Thin elastic cord, E 6000 glue and scissors are also needed. Make sets of 6 or 8 napkin rings or larger if desired.

Cut 6 pieces of elastic cord that are 8 inches long. The holes in the Tri-bead are large enough to feed the cord through so you will not need beading needles.

Red and Green Holiday Napkin Rings

You will need : 16 red beads; l6 green Tri-beads and 8 clear Tri -beads.

Place one clear bead on the piece of elastic cord.

Tie a knot behind it so it won’t slide off.

* Thread on 8 green beads; 2 clear beads; 8 red beads; 2 clear beads; 8 green beads; 2 clear beads; 8 red beads and 1 clear bead.

* Untie the knot you put in the end.

Grasp both ends of the elastic cords and tie a knot.

Make 2 more knots and trim off the excess cord.

Apply a small amount of the E 6000 glue on the knot and allow it to dry.

Repeat the steps from * to * to complete the other napkin rings.

Turquoise and Orange Napkin Rings

Place 2 orange tri-beads on a section of cord.

Tie a knot behind them to keep them from sliding off.

Add 6 turquoise tri-beads; 4 orange beads; 6 turquoise beads; 4 orange beads; 6 turquoise beads: 4 orange beads; 6 turquoise beads and 2 orange beads.

Bring the ends of the cords together and tie them.

Add a drop or two of glue and allow it to dry.

Trim the ends of the cords.


There’s almost no limit to the colors and variations of napkin rings that can be created with tri-beads or with other 6 mm beads and elastic cord.

You may have trouble finding packages of all one color. In that case you will have to purchase more than one package of assorted color beads and take out the colors you need.

If at some point in the future you decide to quit using the beaded napkin rings, give them to the children in the family to wear as bracelets.

Attach charms with split rings or 0 rings.

Silver Bead Napkin Rings


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    • DebSimmons profile image

      DebSimmons 6 years ago from Campbell

      Very cool.. I love crafting and will try these. :-)

    • StarryNightsDiva profile image

      Alissa 6 years ago from Wethersfield, CT

      I'm always looking for different napkin rings. Never thought to make them myself! TFS!