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Making your own souvenirs

Updated on December 1, 2015

Every year my family, my friend and I go on a vacation to Charleston , SC. This year when she said she was not able to go because of work and our upcoming visit to Mexico , I decided to bring the beach back to her.

I started with sand, water and shells I collected at Isle of Palms Beach in South Carolina. You can buy white sand and use tap water or no water at all if you prefer the sand stay lighter. I wanted to be as authentic as possible so I gathered all three at the beach. I also use a glue gun to help keep the sand and water from mixing to much.

To start: Take a mason jar or any clear jar or bottle you choose

Add sand (shake or tap to settle the sand to where you want it)

At this point I add a small layer of hot glue ( you can use elmers glue but it has to dry all the way.

Next I glue the bottom layer of shells to hide the glue barrier and so they don't move around much and break.

Drop in the remaining shells where you want them and fill with desired amount of water.

The last step I take is decorating the lid, you may add material, paint it, or leave it the way it is. For this particular idea I am painting and writing the place and date on the lid.

This is a very inexpensive way to take a small piece of the beach back to your family and friends just take care not to carry any living crustaceans in your luggage with your shells and be careful of nesting sea turtles and crabs and such


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