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Mandala Coloring Books, Fun Mandela Art

Updated on July 6, 2011
This site has a range of Mandelas that are worth checking out!
This site has a range of Mandelas that are worth checking out! | Source

Mandala Coloring Books

The art of a Mandala is a sacred art form. The word Mandala is from the ancient Sanskrit which means 'circle'. You may have heard of the art form sand painting in Buddhism, this has evolved from the Mandala.

This is also a fun art style for kids to color in, something that can get the attention of their peers. Kids always seem to loving having something unique to show off to their kids and their own Mandala art is sure to be as special to them as it is with the Hindi and Buddhist people, for different reasons of course!

Mandala Art

Mandala is used for various spiritual traditions and are employed for focusing attention as well as an aid to meditation. For kids this may not be the main aim but it does seem like a great way to help an overactive child in learning how to focus and channel their energy.

For a kid this is going to just be a fun and cool art type to color in but as is often the case with childhood activities it is likely to encourage those skills that are not easy to teach, like patience and focus. It may not always seem obvious but the games and activities that children enjoy are often teaching them something, from problem solving skills to how to make friends to how to focus and remain patient.

With Mandala art for kids they are likely to look at the geometric designs and think they are fascinating and impressive, the sort of thing that is fun to show off to friends.

Try out Mandala Art

The picture I use in this article comes from a site that offers some fun and basic Mandala art that you can print out for free. The designs are simple and easy for the smaller child to color in. If you will take a look you will notice that the image has below it a referral link to the site it originates from. If you are looking for free then that is the site I would recommend, I was very impressed with their Mandala's.

If you wish to try out some more detailed and fascinating Mandala art coloring I highly recommend any of the books you will see in the amazon links on this page. The Mandala art used in these different books is hugely impressive. One book by Susanne F. Fincher uses designs inspired by forms of nature, Native American paintings and the art of M.C. Escher.

In time your child (or you for that matter) may find yourself enjoying this art form so much that you begin to design your own Mandala art inspired by those things important to you. That is sure to be a skill to impress most art teachers.

I am not sure what else I can say to convince you to try out this art form and I do hope you give it a try. I guess my thinking is that if it is good enough for Certified Art Therapists, mystics and spiritualists it must be worth giving it a try!


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