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Valentines Gift Ideas: How To Make A Heart Jigsaw Puzzle

Updated on July 13, 2009

To make this Heart Jigsaw Puzzle Valentines gift, you will need the following materials:

  • a thick red cartolina
  • some glue
  • some glitter powder
  • an old newspaper
  • a small bowl
  • a pair of scissors

Step 1:

To start, cut a heart shape out of a thick red cartolina using a pair of scissors. You can draw an outline before snipping away if you want, but don’t worry if it’s not perfectly-shaped - that'll just add to its "uniqueness."

Step 2:

Using glue, scribble a personalized message for your valentine on the heart. You can write anything you like; we wrote “Be My Valentine.” Then sprinkle glitter powder all over the entire message. You can use any color that will complement or contrast the red of the heart. Be sure to cover up all the glue.

Step 3:

Shake off the excess glitter powder into a small bowl. You might want to cover the table with an old newspaper before doing so. That way you won’t have glitter particles sticking all over it.

Step 4:

For added sparkle, line the outer edge of the heart with more glitter powder. Remember, you just need to smear on some glue first where you want the glitter to stick. Then sprinkle the glitter on. When it’s dry, it’ll look something like this.

Step 5:

Now to make your valentine remember this gift for a long time... Make it into a puzzle! Divide the heart into four parts and cut it jigsaw puzzle-style keeping in mind that the pieces should interlock perfectly. Put the pieces in a sealed envelope ready for delivery. When you give it to your loved one, don’t give out any instructions. If he or she takes the time to figure it out, you’ll know that this person must really like you!



*Demonstration by Teacher Stella. Photos by Teacher Susan.


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    • profile image

      seasoning 8 years ago

      nice one, i have a sissix machine, so can make smaller hearts think i will make one tomorrow, thanks for the reminder