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Minnesota Crafts: Using Pine Cones

Updated on May 14, 2016

Pine Cones

My mother was very much into creative crafts. She spent years creating ornaments for our Christmas tree and selling them with her friends at craft markets. Nowadays a person has their computer and Pinterest.

I have a lot of pine trees and right now, many, many cones.


Pine cones come in various shapes and sizes. I haven't walked around my yard much this year, but the one time I specifically looked, at had three shapes of pine cones. I had larger ones. I had tiny ones and round ones.

The cones from the pine trees in my western grove are large and long and slightly curved. They drop from pine trees with a longer needle. The pine trees in my eastern grove have a smaller, more compressed cone. Some are the size of my thumb, but there are some that are mini. I have one tree by my garden that has a round cone. Almost like a ball.

What to Do With Them

My mother was creative. It occurred to me that my daughter and I could make some little ornaments and sell them at Farmer's Market this year.

In fact, let me show you what my mother used to make and sell...


Well. As I analyze what she used for the little girl. The face is an acorn. She used a pinking shears to make the apron. I think a bit of glue on the cloth to keep from raveling. A few dried flowers for her bouquet. The handkerchief over her head.

Fairly simple. Very cute. Creative.


Between oak trees with acorns and pine trees with pine cones, I have a lot of crafting material in my yard.

I, have black walnuts that I slice for crafts and I think that I could make an accordion for my little person.

That would be cool!

Creative Uses

Well. I know pine cones are used in wreaths. I have seen them on sliced logs with candles. I have seen them cut apart and used like roses.

I have seen them dissected and used for shingles on Fairy house roofs. Not only did my mother make little girls with acorn faces, but I think she also made some sort of bird with them, too. I'm sure I can find one if I look through my stuff.

Yep. There are probably millions of uses for a pine cone.

Bigger Cones

Some cones are bigger than others.


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