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Mixed Media & Mono Print Bagel's

Updated on February 19, 2013
Flying Bagel's - Mono Print
Flying Bagel's - Mono Print
Flying Bagel's - Mono Print/Mixed Media
Flying Bagel's - Mono Print/Mixed Media

Mixing It Up

In the "Flying Bagel" images above I added torn masking tape to the paper before printing the image. Several bagels have masking tape shadow lines emerging from under the paint.

To achieve the white line drawing effects I used the edge of a palette knife. I also added some color with a paint brush.

For the Love of Bagel's

Bagel art is not something I ever planned on creating, but here it is. It's funny to think that something I liked to eat would inspire me to create art work from it. Of course I am not the first artist to do so, and won't be the last. Simply look at Andy Warhol's Campbell soup cans, or Wayne Tiebaud's, luscious cakes and pies and you can see why food inspires art.

Living in Boston I tried a variety of bagel combinations. My favorite was the "Everything" bagel with lox and cream cheese on it. They sold it as "lox with a smear."

A few years later while living in Madison, WI an Einstein Brother's Bagel shop opened less than a mile from my home. It was tough driving by it because of the amazing aroma of freshly baked bagels. I'd often pick up a half dozen as a treat for my family.

Dancing Bagel's 1 - Mono Print
Dancing Bagel's 1 - Mono Print
Dancing Bagel's 2 - Mono Print
Dancing Bagel's 2 - Mono Print

Creating a Mono Print

The process to create a mono print is easier than you might think. A sheet of plastic about a quarter inch thick works well. Thinner plastic will do in a pinch but it just might curl up on you if it's super thin.

The paint or ink used should be slow drying if at all possible because you want to be able to create your image and print it before it dries. If you do decide to use a faster drying paint or ink plan to work quickly. I used acrylic paint for the bagel prints shown here so I had to move fast.

Once I finished painting I simply laid the paper on top of the sheet of plastic, and used a flat wooden spoon to transfer the image. Each image made was different from the one before never duplicating an image exactly, thus giving me a mono print. I enjoy printing this way because the results are unpredictable. Each print is unique and changes as you print more.

Dancing Bagel's 3 - Mono Print
Dancing Bagel's 3 - Mono Print


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    • Green Art profile image

      Green Art 5 years ago

      How fun that you were making some prints today! Looking forward to seeing your collages:)

    • theraggededge profile image

      Bev G 5 years ago from Wales, UK

      Deelishus! Love the bagels.

      I love monoprinting. Treated myself to a Gelli-arts gel plate; much fun. I made some quick prints today to use in future collages.