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More Handmade Gift Ideas For Any Holiday!

Updated on April 17, 2010

More Money Saving Ideas For Some Great Gifts Projects

 I have been thinking about some more money saving ideas for your holiday gifts! I wanted to remind you to look over the hub I wrote about making the vinyl lp's into an art and craft project, so you could look it over and maybe use that idea also. That hub has photos and directions to help you, but it is extremely easy to do, and the lp's can be free or extremely cheap. If you have already invested in the paints and clear spray paint I talked about in the first hub about this, you have everything you need for that project and more.

Other ideas I had were:

Hand painted ornaments- You can buy plain ornaments and dress them up with painted on names, glitter, painted or glued on designs, there is no limit except for your imagination. You could make a special ornament for each member of your family you choose to, and they would have them for future years for their own tree. You can also get small, plain, wooden cut-out shapes at your craft store, to make ornaments (just drill a small hole in them before painting, and use fishing line or ribbon to insert into the hole and tie off for hanging. These wooden pieces are also great for making necklaces, gift back tags, and anything else you can think of.

Child's personalized blackboard or cork-board to hang on their wall- Get a smaller sized blackboard or cork-board, depending on which you think would suit the child the most. Paint the outside wooden part to match their room with a solid color. Then on the corners and the straight part along the top, glue on wooden letters to spell their name, wooden shapes that suit their likes and personalities, and include push-pins or colored chalk and an eraser, whichever is appropriate. You can get the boards at large office supply stores or craft stores, and you already know where to get the wooden shapes. If giving a cork-board, you might include a snapshot, pinned to the board, of you and the child together!

Decorated Picture Frame- You can get whatever size plain picture frame and either paint it, decorate it with shells for a photo from the beach, or use wooden shapes again to personalize it and insert a special photo for the recipient of the gift. Once again, your imagination is the only limit to what you can do with this idea!

Framed Special Qoute, Scripture or Poem- I did this for my husband one year. For the background, I used a simple abstract drawing he had made, and over that put the Scripture from the Bible that is from 1st Corinth., Chapter 13. This scripture is very special to he and I. You can see another sample of this used by me in my hub where I show the poem I wrote about my father. I have another one I wrote about my mother, where I used a photo of my daughter-in-law and my first granddaughter when she was born.That is another piece of artwork in the background. You can also use photos you have taken for backgrounds, and use different fonts in your Photo workshop type program you have on your computer. If you have never used these type programs, play with them first, and they are easy to figure out. Most digital cameras come with their own photo editing software, and then you fade the photo out some for the background, move it to a program for making greeting cards, flyers, etc. and finish it out there. A little playing with the program and with the fonts and photo will help you end up with the look you want. Then print it out on heavy stock paper and frame in an inexpensive frame(found at dollar stores and discount stores. This project can be used for a ton of different occasions!

So, here are some more ideas for you to think about and elaborate on. You better get busy, because the holidays are coming fast!



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