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Morning With a Photographer

Updated on November 10, 2012
Foggy Trail, Hurdle Waterfowl Park, Ashland County Ohio
Foggy Trail, Hurdle Waterfowl Park, Ashland County Ohio

A lone woman, camera bag strapped to her back, begins hiking on a trail through a forest. The morning it still, thick fog hangs over the trees. Heavy dew carpets the grass, flowers anything found on the forest floor. She stops every so often to observe the ever changing (or lack of) early morning light. A song bird signs a sweet spring song. Stopping once again, she closes her eyes listening to the birds, smelling the crisp spring air. She take a slow deep breath, letting the fresh air fill her lungs. This is why she’s here, to photograph landscapes, but more importantly, to be one with nature.

Goose and Fog, Hurdle Waterfowl Park, Ashland County Ohio
Goose and Fog, Hurdle Waterfowl Park, Ashland County Ohio

Continuing on, she reaches her destination, a large clear pond. Steam rises off the cool, clean water. The silence is broken when the geese realize they aren’t alone anymore. Honking, complaining, flapping, their large wings they make the photographer laugh as she stops to watch the chaos in front of her. She says aloud “Stop complaining, I’m not going to hurt you.” Speaking softly to herself she says “Like they understand what I’m saying.” She often talks to herself while she’s working.

Gently she places her gear on the ground, trying not to disturb the waterfowl. Opening her tripod, she extends first the legs then the head, making sure the tripod isn’t as tall as herself (after all she’s vertically challenged). Pulling her camera out of the bag, she selects a lens, mounting it on the camera. Before sitting the camera on the tripod she looks through the viewfinder, pre-composing several photographs. Satisfying her artistic vision, she places the camera on the tripod and in quick succession she creates several photographs. She gathers her equipment and slowly hikes around the pond, stopping every now and again creating new photographs. Each time she tops she takes the time to absorb her surroundings. This is why she’s here, not to make money (although that’s nice) or to have her photographs hung in a gallery, but to be in nature.

Fresh Green Spring Leaves, Hurdle Waterfowl Park, Ashland County Ohio
Fresh Green Spring Leaves, Hurdle Waterfowl Park, Ashland County Ohio

Continuing to photograph in the small, local park she finishes, satisfied that she’s captured as much of the park as possible. She’ll be back again in a few days, a week or a month, whenever she can get back to the park. While she has a regular full-time job she knows deep down with every fiber in her being she is meant to create photographs. This is a morning with me. Thank You for joining me in the pure joy of photographing my love and passion that is nature.

Black Mustard and Trees, Hurdle Waterfowl Park, Ashland County, Ohio
Black Mustard and Trees, Hurdle Waterfowl Park, Ashland County, Ohio


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