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Favorite Artists

Updated on October 20, 2015

We, pride ourselves in the Triangle region of North Carolina, for having some great artists that we admire...Some of them may be authors, or activists, or even singers in addition their visual art.

I know a lot of people admire Bob Timberlake and in the past had a great deal of admiration for artistic people like Zora Neal Hurston and Pauli Murray...And, while only Timberlake, is a visual artist of those three I just mentioned, this got me to thinking...

What are some of your favorite artists from the past...Do you consider yourself a fan of Salvador Dali, or was Picasso more your style, or were you a fan of Romare Bearden or was it Van Gogh that first got your attention....

Do you like the funky art style of Warhol, or would you rather be more traditional and go ffor a Rembrandt.....Let's have some fun and discuss our favorite artists of all times...Who knows maybe you will educate someone about a artist they didn't even know about...

Who is Your Favorite Artists

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