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Musical Instrument for Children

Updated on February 22, 2013

You can expose your children to music from an early age, and your only option doesn’t have to be limited to the xylophone (which is a fabulous instrument). Before you go out and buy expensive instruments for your child, I recommend that you buy less expensive “kid” versions to see if your children have a real interest in the instrument. You wouldn’t want to purchase an expensive instrument, only to have your child pass out of that phase.

Buying kid friendly instruments will also give you piece of mind that an expensive instrument won’t accidentally get broken. Let’s face it: kids are kids and accidents happen.

Keyboards & Pianos

Keyboards come in all sizes and colors. You can get small ones that can easily fit into a backpack, or a big one that needs a special stand. You can even get some with headphones, so you don’t have to hear every single note played. A keyboard will offer your children the option to decide whether they enjoy playing this kind of music. It may just lead to your kids interested in taking classical piano lessons, but you won’t have to buy an expensive piano to find that out.

If you don't want an electronic keyboard, you can buy small children's pianos. I had a very lightweight one as a child that I could move around myself.


Seriously, you do not want to go all out on a drums set if your kids are not going to be serious about playing. First of all, they are expensive. Second, they are loud—and, if your kids aren’t playing well, you get to listen to it all the time. Bang, bang, bong, clash!

You can purchase simple children’s drums, electronic drums, or even culturally diverse drums. It all depends on what you and your children are interested in. If you choose to get electronic drums, chances are that you can plug headphones into them, so only your kids have to listen to the racket they make.


If your children enjoy playing a guitar, you will probably end up having to buy them real ones at some point. But you should definitely start with something simple. Before you even consider buying an electronic guitar, let your children experiment with good, old-fashioned, regular guitars. They come in different shapes and sizes, so you can find what is right for your kids.

Instead of a regular guitar, consider another string instrument, like the lyre or banjo. Some children’s lyres come with sheet music that slips right under the strings, helping your children learn to play.

Kids Karaoke

If your kids aren’t interested in playing an instrument, but love to sing, you can purchase them a karaoke machine. You don’t have to get anything fancy for your children to have fun. There are some kid-friendly machines out there. The most important part of a karaoke machine for kids is that it has a working microphone. What’s the fun without that?

The best part of this kind of toy is that you can easily sing along with your kids. You can teach your children all kinds of great songs, and make it fun.


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    • peterh profile image

      peterh 9 years ago from United Kingdom

      Great article. It's so important for kids to have access to music from an early age, and learning to play an instrument of any sort has been proven to improve their overall learning ability considerably.