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Nature Photography guide

Updated on November 6, 2015

Choose your subject

In nature photography you can have a wide range of subjects. Your subjects can be anything from trees, flowers, lakes, mountains, meadows to birds and deer. Be sure to have an idea of what you want to take a photo of in your mind then find the subject that is most interesting to you as a photographer. I would say the best photos are made with two or more interesting subjects together. For example, a mountain and lake. But photos with only one subject can turn out great as well


Respect Your Subject

This is true in all types of photography, but even more in nature photography. One part of nature photos is showing the natural beauty of your subject. As a photographer it is important to not just preserve nature in your photos, but also in the real world. Make sure to not harm the environment or animals that you are trying to take photos of in any way. Always dispose of any trash properly.

Gear can matter more

I am in the camp that generally what gear you have does not matter, the content matters. For nature photographs the gear can matter more then you realize. If you want to take a photo of a bird on a tree and not scare the animal away, you might need to get a 300mm lens that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. Just keep in mind that especially with taking pictures of animals, the costs can run higher and the gear you have can make more of a difference then it might in different forms of photography.



Nature photography above all can require patience, whether you are waiting for an animal to get into place or waiting for just the right shot of a mountain or lake. Always remember to wait for the best shot because your patience might pay off with an incredible picture.

Get the best shot, don't rush

This is in regards to all types of nature photos with out animals. Lets say your subject is a mountain. The mountain that you are trying to photograph is not going to decide to get up and walk away. If you are photographing a subject that is not mobile in nature, as the photographer you have all the time in the world to get the best shot possible. If you have the blessing of time you should use it.

Be unique

This can said about any creative art. In nature photography there is such a saturation of images that sometimes a new image of a location does not stand out. A good way to do well in nature and landscape photography is to make sure that your pictures stand out in someway. Make your photos different then all of the rest. Consumers want to see something new in a saturated competitive market.

Wait for the right lighting

In nature and landscape photography light can make a boring photo exciting. Try to wait as long as is needed for just the right light. If it is possible, try to go out and photograph at the golden hour. If it is needed, even waiting for the weather to clear up can be worth it for a great shot. Waiting for the right light can be tedious and difficult, but produce amazing images.

Be safe

Always be sure to take the proper precautions in whatever environment you find yourself in. Take bug spray. Make sure to take the proper equipment to protect yourself and your gear from the elements. If you are photographing wild animals or in a location where there are dangerous wild animals make sure to prepare if you need to defend your self, Getting amazing images does not mean having to be in serious danger.


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