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Need Help Figuring Out How to Craft? These 35 Blogs Will Inspire You!

Updated on September 16, 2011
Remnants from one of my own recent craft projects.
Remnants from one of my own recent craft projects.

It is not always easy to figure out how to channel your creative interests. Crafting is a way that many of us choose to do this. However, you may find that you don’t know what you like in crafting or you’re at a stalemate with your current craft and need fresh inspiration. This list of blogs will take you to many wonderful places that should inspire you and get your crafting back on track!

1. Elin@. Creative blog featuring lots of different ideas and work. Inspiring for the crafter who likes to do it all!

2. Emily Baker. This is a beautiful design blog from a San Francisco based gal.

3. Emma Fassio Knitting. A knitting blog half in Italian and half in English. Anyone who is inspired not only by knitting but also by the visual beauty of the Italian language will find something inspiring here!

4. Enthusiastic Crochetoholic. You can tell by the name what this craft blog is all about!

5. Etherknitter. This is a blog for people who enjoy seeing what other people are doing in the craft world of knitting.

6. Every Day Crochet. This is a crochet blog filled with patterns to help you do your own crochet work.

7. Everyday Chaos. A mother of 6 shares her life so we can see what creative approaches she takes!

8. f.pea. This knitting blog has a unique feminist perspective that makes it a fun read.

9. Feathered Nest. This blog shares projects for the home, sometimes with instructions, always with great photos. Very beautiful blog.

10. Fiber Deviant. This is a blog that is ideal inspiration for anyone who is interested in yarn crafts.

11. Fiber Projects. This is a blog of crochet patterns. If you are interested in crochet and feel that you can get inspired by this great needlecraft then this is a good blog to help you out!

12. Fiberewtopia. Valerie spins, knits and weaves and then tells readers all about it in this fun-to-follow blog.

13. Fig and Plum. This is a terrific blog about knitting so if that’s a craft that you like then check it out for inspiration!

14. Figknits. This is a blog from a yarn lover who knits and does other yarn crafts occasionally as well.

15. Film in the Fridge. This is a blog about quilting and sewing so if you like to work with a needle and thread then you could be inspired to bookmark this one!

16. Fine Fiber Notes from Nicki. This unique blog covers the unusual craft topic of weaving with thread. If you want to try to learn something different then this could be a source of inspiration for you!

17. Fireflies and Jellybeans. This is a craft blog for the DIY set. It features a lot of interviews, which is something that I personally find inspiring.

18. Five Cats from Crazy. This blog is primarily a knitting blog with posts about home and other crafts from time to time.

19. Fowl Single File. This is a craft blog that shares tons of cute little things that you might find inspiring. I do!

20. Free Pretty Things for You. This blog "where lovely handmade meets vintage love" is terrific for people who are inspired by vintage items and who enjoy making things themselves that have that vintage spirit to them.

21. Free Spirit Knits. A yoga teacher writes about crafting, creativity and life in this great inspiring blog.

22. Freshly Picked. This is a tutorial-rich blog emphasizing sewing.

23. Fun and Games with the Thompson Boys. A mom writes about sewing, knitting and crochet on this blog. Beautiful layout here!

24. Genki and Chips. An Australian who has lived in both the UK and Japan writes about her love of both knitting and crochet. Her worldly experience gives her a great perspective that puts a twist on these topics.

25. Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing. This is a blog about everything you can think of when It comes to sewing.

26. Gingerbread Girl. This is a craft blog that emphasizes crochet.

27. Girl. Inspired. A mom of 3 writes about the pretty things that make her happy. They make her readers happy, too!

28. Giverslog. A California chocolate-making mom shares tales of what she gives to others and shares through the mail. I adore her inspiration boards and find inspiration in them myself.

29. Glitter, Vinyl and Thread. This blog seems to cover nearly every craft under the sun so if you don’t know where to start then you might want to start here.

30. Go Crochet. This is a crochet blog by crochet designer Ellen Gormley.

31. Gooey Knits. This is a blog with several different crafts like knitting and amigurumi.

32. Grand Revival Designs. A fabric and sewing design blog that can inspire you if you’re interested in textiles.

33. Grosgrain. Could you have guessed from the name that this is a sewing blog? Not only is it inspiring but it also has lots of giveaways so you may get something to use in your crafting!

34. Grumperina Goes to Local Yarn Shops and Home Depot. This craft blog has loads of little tips, some of which are nicely linked to in the sidebar. It’s mostly, but not entirely, about knitting.

35. Habetrot. This blog about knitting and spinning is not frequently updated but it is a blog that has some great inspiring stuff in the archives.


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  • RTalloni profile image


    7 years ago from the short journey

    Another super craft resource, KV! You are giving me to much to do! ;)

    Seriously, thanks much. Looking forward to perusing these additional sites.

    Up and bookmarked.

  • RNMSN profile image

    Barbara Bethard 

    7 years ago from Tucson, Az

    my quilt is still not finished! :(

    I MUST get inspired and this hub will do it!! thank you!

  • lundmusik profile image


    7 years ago from Tucson AZ

    I'm in the middle of six knitting projects, but i'm sure i could take on a few more LOL


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