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New Free Dress Sewing Patterns

Updated on September 26, 2012

Who doesn't love dress patterns? I searched the web one more time and brought these new and relatively unknown patterns and tutorials for your sewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy these.

Big Flowers Dress from Stars For Streetlights

big Flowers Tshirt Dress From Stars for Streetlights

Refashions are usually associated with quick..but not this one. This refashion could be an exercise in patience, but the end result is oh so fabulous! Gather up some pastel Tees and go to town churning out these delicate roses, It will be so worth it if you can make anything like this dress. Get the complete tutorial from Stars for Streetlights

Love in Paris Dress By Me Sew Crazy

How cute are these Drop Waist Sailor Dresses by Me Sew Crazy? I love practically everything about them and their design is just so fresh and modern. Get the complete tutorial and patterns in sizes 3T and 5T ( along with oodles of cute pics) at Me Sew Crazy.

Sweetheart dress by Luvinthemommyhood

Oh my! what a cute back. Love these dresses and I'm such a sucker for similar sister dresses. Get the tutorial for these Sweetheart dresses over at Luvinthemommyhood.

Sunshine Dress from Skirt As Top

Sunshine Dress From Skirt As Top

This is a very unique dress pattern, with the bodice and skirt pieced in the form of wedges of fabric. The net effect is a beautiful dress which looks like rays emanating from Sun, hence the name sunshine dress. Kirstin from Skirt As Top shows you how to sew the sunshine dress here.

The Chloe Dress at Whimsy Couture Boutique

This layered dress just hits it outside the ballpark. Feeling like making something really unique and stylish? Follow the tutorial for The Chloe Dress at Whimsy Couture Boutique.

Upcycled Tshirt from I Am A Momma Hear Me Roar

Want something fun and unique for your little one? This dress will fit the bill. Made out of many upcycled TShirts, it also has the bonus of being a quick project and is a great project for the stack of Goodwill bound clothes. Get the complete tutorial and pattern from I Am A Momma Hear Me Roar.

Game Day Dress By Sweet Verbana

Game Day Dress by Sweet Verbana

How cute is this Game Day Dress from Sweet Verbana? Who can imagine that its made out of two Tshirts. Katy of Sweet Verbana even sold one of those to a customer. Hop on to sweet verbana to get the tutorial and pattern for game day dress.

Baby Halter Neck Dress by Imperfect Homemaking

Imperfect Homemaking shows you how to sew this pretty pretty Halter neck dress for your baby. Go here for the tutorial

60 mins dress by Train To Crazy

60 mins dress from Train To Crazy

Want to sew a dress but don't want to follow any tedious instructions or patterns? This 60 mins dress is just for you. Get the tutorial from Train To Crazy and wing your way to this cute dress.

Flamingo Knit Dress By Blooms And Bugs

Flamingo Knit Dress by Blooms And Bugs

This itty bitty dress is made with flowing knit layers, shirring on the shoulder straps keeps it snug and the knit layers make it oh so comfy. Get the tutorial for This layered knit dress at Blooms And Bugs

Peasant Dress Pattern and Tutorial


Full Sleeved Peasant Dress

Here is a free pattern for the classic peasant dress. These are just so easy to make that it will be difficult to stop at one. Get the peasant dress pattern and tutorial at Clothworks Blog.


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