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Newborn Photography - A new trend?

Updated on April 5, 2012

Baby photos

Have you heard of newborn photography?
I hadn't.

Generally speaking, people want lots of photos of their kids. It starts with the photos of them when they first emerge into the world, with their faces recembling a little shrivelled prune, all swaddled up in white fluffy blankets.
Then begins the pictorial evidence of every step in their development from then onwards, from their first steps, to their first meal, right up to their graduation and so on.

With our kids, we decided that this wasn't enough and even opted for a 3D baby scan which let us have a sneak preview of what our kid would look like before it was born. The results were impressive... Look!

3D Baby Scan

After paying a fair price for the sneak preview, I assumed that we would be taking care of the photos from then on. However, we discovered that a friend of ours was taking her professional photograhy skills in a new direction. She was giving up photographing weddings and the other usual things for newborn babies - exclusively.

What is Newborn Photography

So we asked our friend what Newborn Photography was all about.

According to her "Newborn Photography sessions should really be booked before your baby arrives, after your 20 week scan is ideal. I only schedule a very limited amount of due dates a month to ensure I have enough time to arrange the session once the baby is born. Leaving it until your baby is born could mean I can't fit a session in".

"The first 2 weeks is the best age to capture your newborn. 4-10 days are perfect. When babies are this young, they are very sleepy and still all curled up. This is how I get all those sweet images. Once your baby is born, you will need to contact me to arrange your session".


Taking it easy on the baby

'It's very early to be putting a baby through a gruelling photoshoot' I thought. However, the needs of the baby are a priority at every session...

"All sessions take place in my studio, and it's quite normal for them to last up to 3 or 4 hours. We allow plenty of time to feed and comfort. The studio will be very warm, as newborn babies will be naked for most of the shoot so need to feel comfortable. A baby with a tummy full of milk is also key to a good session!"

The end result!


You can't argue, it looks super cute!

If you want more advice on how to go about arranging a newborn photography session, why not drop Leanne an email:

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