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Nice Handmade Gifts: A Bouquet of Magazine Flowers

Updated on February 16, 2017

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Mother's Day Gifts: Do You Buy it or Make it!

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Mother's Day Gift

Just a few weeks ago, I was freaking out about what to give to my mother. No money, too much to think about other than presents (bills, hunting for a job, etc.). The sad part is that this happens every single year, about 3 times - on mother's day, on her birthday, and on Christmas time. I never know what to give to my mom, and quite often don't have the time or money to buy her something really nice and especial that expresses my gratitude to her.

So I went through my stuff to see if I could come up with something nice of my own. I had no idea what to do. A few days went by and mother's day was approaching too fast.

Until on the last day I had to come up with something, I remembered the time I helped one of my cousins make paper flowers for her University parade car. I did not have the same kind of paper she had (which does make things a lot easier), but I did have some wire and a bunch of old magazines piling up in my living room.


magazine pages
magazine pages

Old Magazines and Wire Leftovers

I went through the old magazines and ripped off (carefully) the pages that had flashing colours and designs. Usually, the ad pages are the best to do this.

I also picked some wire that my fiancé had around. My wire happened to be modelling wire covered by white paper. A wire that is easy to manoeuvre with is the best pick, but you can pick whichever kind of wire you want and have available.

You can see the material that I used to make this bouquet of magazine flowers, on the side pictures.

step 2
step 2
step 3
step 3

Bouquet of Magazine Flowers

There are a ton of ways to make flowers out of paper, but I had little time and patience to research online. So I used my memory from the time I helped my cousin as my only resource. I think it went well, at least my mom liked it and was surprised that I had done it all by myself. It almost felt like the old times, when I was a kid. That same, surprised and happy expression on her face.

So here is what I did:

1. Cut pages in half size - because magazine paper is a little thicker it makes manoeuvring to be a bit tricky. I find that cutting the sheets in half takes some of the strength away and is easier to crunch the paper the way I want.

2. Put two or three different pieces of magazine paper together. Pick different colours or colours that go together. This depends on your taste and what you want to get from it. These pieces should be at different angles from each other (as it is on the side picture)

3. With the tip of a pencil or pen, find the centre of the two pieces of paper and twist the papers around the pen. This is what makes your flower petals.

leave a little piece untwisted
leave a little piece untwisted

Next Steps

Now you need to make the foot of the flowers, and that is why you need the wire.

1. Cut a piece of wire to the length you like. I chose it to be big enough to bend into two pieces.

2. Bend the wire to becomes two pieces (do not cut) and then twist it. Leave a little piece on top without twisting

3. Glue the untwisted part of the wire onto your flower. You might have to untwist your flower a little bit. Let it dry.

Now, to turn it into a bouquet (more than one flower) just fo ahead and braid together the stems of each individual magazine flower. Voila! You have a great handmade present for your mom (or see below for more purposes).

Final Result

One small bouquet of flowers
One small bouquet of flowers

Other Unique Gift Ideas

Other Ways of Using This Gift

I made this bouquet of magazine flowers for my mom, as a mother's day gift, but you don't need to keep it to that. A bouquet of magazine flowers makes for a great valentine's gift for your special one too! You can also give it as an added touch to a gift you've already purchased.

Some other purposes for it could be as a get well gift for a loved one who's ill, or even as a simple decor accent for your home.

Have fun with it!

DIY Gift Ideas from Fellow Hubbers!

I'm not the most creative person at all, but I love to check out DIY ideas. When drafting this article about my bouquet of magazine flowers, I found a few really creative hubbers who have great hubs on the topic.

Here's a list of some of HubPages' most creative hubbers:

  • Also for Valentine's Day, there's this hub by Loraine Brummer that gives you 53 Outstanding Handmade Valentine Gift Ideas! A lot of the ideas mentioned on that hub are also pretty cool to have as Valentine's Day decor for your house.

Have fun exploring all of these unique ideas!


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    • varonny profile image

      Veronica Almeida 6 years ago from TORONTO

      Glad you liked! :P

      I think it is an easy an inexpensive gift for mom and dad, and even other people!

    • Pinkchic18 profile image

      Sarah Carlsley 6 years ago from Minnesota

      Cool idea! Thanks for sharing this!