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...Nostalgia and Gratitude...Moon Jar Blog of the Week

Updated on August 1, 2016

Moon Jar of the Week! Alice in Wonderland

Once upon a time a lovely girl named Ashley told me that if I were to make her a jar, that it would be in the theme of Alice in Wonderland. So I collected things along the way and found a lovely image perfect to personalize for her. Here are the results! I am excited to share with you my first YouTube video of the lovely little collaboration of art, craft, crystals and reiki! Next time I think I could talk about the many different things...

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Alice in Wonderland Moon Jar!

Lammas/Lughnasadh - the First Harvest

Today is August 1st, and on my Llewellyn calendar the Sabbat known as Lammas is the first harvest celebration. It is the height of Summer and Farmers Markets are bursting with produce and flowers and happiness as the local producers sell their goods. It is the time of summer where all we have worked on all year so far is looked over and assessed and inventoried. The summer is passing quickly by here and I am already getting back to school emails, oil prices dropped notifications and I see pumpkins and skulls in the grocery and craft stores.

Tuesday is the New Moon again, and I have been able to keep writing the Moon Jar blog every Moon Day since July 4th. As this harvest comes and goes, there is that same feeling again, like the one I talked about in my last blog post - how an event comes and you look forward to it for so long and while it is going on, there is a different kind of nostalgia that is being formed within you. Like you know that you can enjoy the day but that fleeting feeling of it being over dances around the fringes of your thoughts.

It is kind of like this with this harvest day. The Farmers Markets and Sidewalk Sales and fun things that happen outside will soon be put to rest again for another year. Like my memory of The Wizard of Oz with my father at Thanksgiving - you never know which one will stick on the inside of your thoughts and heart as something that comes up and around so infrequently after the time is over, the movie is over, the day is over, the concert, the season, the life...

Lammas 2005 by Carole Anzolletti

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Lammas 2005 Page OneLammas 2005 Page TwoLammas 2005 Page Three
Lammas 2005 Page One
Lammas 2005 Page One
Lammas 2005 Page Two
Lammas 2005 Page Two
Lammas 2005 Page Three
Lammas 2005 Page Three

Setting Goals in Meditation and Gratitude

This morning I was taking my Synthroid and I hear the wind moving through the trees in the backyard. All I heard in my thoughts were, this is the First Hint of Fall...and the seasons turn so quickly as I felt it through my bones.

Lammas reminds me to be grateful of all that I have up to this very moment, even the hard parts and the sad parts, the parts that my feelings are hurt and disappointed parts. The parts where I am jealous or resentful, and the parts where I am brilliantly creative and complex. Nothing stays still. Nothing is set in stone, until the very end. Which is again just another beginning.

So as the week again begins, I remember how annoyed I was that I skipped a day of meditation. So, on this day of reaping what has been sewn, I am making a new promise to take that time to do the meditation every day and in my next blog I want to highlight how easy it can be to maintain that practice - even make it enjoyable to regret when it is skipped past.

Thanks so much for checking out all my different ways of creating, meditating, and being grateful for my gifts and talents - as I share them along with you.

Now I am off to make the Lammas Crescent Rolls, as tomorrow is the New Moon of August!

Happy First Harvest!

Once Upon a Dream by Lana Del Rey


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