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Fine art: mixed media paintings by Victor Mavedzenge. 2011 releases

Updated on February 12, 2015

Victor Mavedzenge in Studio

Victor Mavedzenge in Studio ,London UK 2011
Victor Mavedzenge in Studio ,London UK 2011 | Source

Who is the Artist Victor Mavedzenge ? - Brief overview

Victor Mavedzenge is a Zimbabwean multi-disciplinary artist currently living and working in London England (2011). He studied for his Masters Degree in Fine Art at The Slade School of Fine art between 2008-2010. Prior to that he studied for a Post Graduate Diploma at Central Saint Martins Byam Shaw campus from 2007-2008. His studies in the latter mentioned years were sponsored with a scholarship from Canon Collins Trust for Southern Africa.

Victor is a painter, poet, art teacher and actor. Within the realm of visual art he also works in Graphic design and digital photo-manipulation. Below is some of his work and personal comments about it.

Photoshop -graphic design.

This license plate was modeled around the old Zimbabwean number plates colors.
This license plate was modeled around the old Zimbabwean number plates colors. | Source

Digital art.Photo-manipulation and Graphic design

This is a sample of a logo designed in Photoshop. The realistic effects all aid to bring the illusion of 3D and a reality to a day to day life object (Zimbabwean License plate). Working with Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, the possibilities are endless, as can be viewed on the artists website.

Photo-merging in Photoshop

Photo manipulation by Victor Mavedzenge using Photoshop.
Photo manipulation by Victor Mavedzenge using Photoshop. | Source

Photo-manipulation using Photoshop.

The image of the "man-horse" was created by merging and blending two images. One of the artist and the other of a horse.

The aim was to give a realistic looking image that is fantastical.

Victor Mavedzenge artwork

Thoughts on poetry

Victor says,"I enjoy reading or listening to poets in song or reading. My favorite being Dambudzo Marechera (late Zimbabwean poet), Linton Kwesi Johnson (Jamaican Dub poet), Bob Dylan among others. Personally I do not like to think of my writings as poetry as such because these are my meditations on paintings. They are the bridge between the energy I feel inside about a painting and the visual ,graphic image that I envision. So words, in a lot of ways help to close that gap for me...sometimes. So I can only consider myself an artist who utilizes what is around him to determine a path to the next thing, words,paint,computers and so on...I enjoy writing it, but usually never reading my own poetry/writings. Its very hard for me."

Love colour and Culture

"Love,colour and culture" is a  about things we embrace and struggle with at the same timepainting
"Love,colour and culture" is a about things we embrace and struggle with at the same timepainting | Source

This cage is me

That some day you will see my face
Upon that day my prayer
Innocence lost without trace
Another day no answers more questions...

read full poem at


This painting is done in mixed media incorporating, oil paint,coffee grounds and wood glue. It is relatively small in size, measuring 20 x 16 x 1 inches. Titled "When", it is inspired by the essay The Myth of Sisyphus by Camus. The theme is the Human struggle and the mundane aspects of life we find ourselves constantly engaged in a vicious cycle with.


Painting inspired by the essay "The Myth of Sisyphus" by the philosopher,Camus.
Painting inspired by the essay "The Myth of Sisyphus" by the philosopher,Camus. | Source

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