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Olean Ny is home of the squirrels-Check out all the squirrels around the city of Olean

Updated on January 20, 2014

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Many people love squirrels, they are so cute and cuddly. People also like to just collect them. Amazon has some cute squirrels for people to purchase at a reasonable price. Amazon has ty beanie babies and webkinz animal squirrels. My child like the wekinz animals. They are little brown stuffed squirrels.

Olean NY's been invaded my squirrels:

I drive from Bradford PA to Olean NY to go to work a few times a week. I have come to believe that Olean Ny has became the center of the squirrel universe. Or maybe the people who live there are just squirly. It started in June of 2007, when fiberglass squirrels started popping up along many city streets in Olean Ny. The most popular collection of art in the Twin Tiers is now along the sidewalks of Olean NY.

Woodland in the City is a public art display designed to celebrate the arts in the city, show the creativity of an area artist, exemplify are natural surroundings and encourage ecommerce and tourism and also to beautify the landscape of Olean NY. The cost for an unpainted squirrel is 1,200. All proceeds from purchasing the squirrels go to benefit a childrens hands-on learning museum and art space based on Oleans hystory and Oleans natural surroundings in Olean NY.

Why Squirrels in Olean Ny?

Many children apparently spent most of there childhood days at Oak Hill Park and Lincoln Park, feeding the squirrels. There are many black squirrels in these parks, which people love come an see. Even taking a walk up the streets there are many squirrels all over the place, black, brown and even gray squirrels.

Sir Penny Wise

This squirrels name is "Sir Penny Wise", he is located infront of the Community Bank NA in Olean Ny.

This squirrels name is A Knight to Remember. He is located at the Armor Building Supply Co. on Constitution Avenue.

He is a squirrel named Cutter. He is located at Alcas. My step-fathers works here.

This squirrel is called Florence Squirrelingdale, RN. She is located at Olean General Hospital in Olean NY.

Here is the squirrell that my work just purchased for 1,200, at The Pines, County Nursing home. We havn't came up with a name for it yet and a worker is going to be painting it shortly. Any suggestions on a name for our squirrel?

There are aproximitly 20 to 30 of these squirrels around the city of Olean. I have only listed a couple. And more are popping up all the time. I will eventually post more as I can find them in my busy schedule.


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