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Orange County's Newest Painter Creates One-of-a-Kind Works of Art

Updated on November 21, 2015
Orange County, California artist Cezanna Wedge at her May, 2011 art show.
Orange County, California artist Cezanna Wedge at her May, 2011 art show. | Source

Meet native Californian, and long time Orange County resident, Cezanna Wedge. The daughter of a painter and a potter, Cezanna was raised with a strong appreciation for art. Some of her earliest memories are of watching her father create beautiful canvas paintings. Many of his gorgeous works of art are proudly displayed in her home today. Even Cezanna's name foreshadowed her destiny, as she was named for the famous French painter, Paul Cezanne.

After painting for years, and being commissioned by many friends and acquaintances, Cezanna has just begun to offer her original canvas paintings for sale to the public. Her abstract style is made even more special by her method. Cezanna selects the size and dimensions of the canvas, and very carefully chooses the specific colors that she will paint with. Her inspiration comes from the colors she is using. As she begins to apply the colors to the canvas, her creativity flows freely, and the painting evolves almost automatically into what it is destined to be. After it is completed, Cezanna spends a few days analyzing her painting in order to give it the title that she feels most closely represents the image and emotion that it portrays.

Although she is an experienced painter, Cezanna recently had her first art show. The event was a huge success, as she sold 90% of the paintings there. As a result of the show, she was also commissioned by several new clients to create original canvas paintings for them. Cezanna does not duplicate her work, so all of her paintings are signed originals. Her prices are extremely affordable.

View the photos below to see some of her gorgeous works of art. The canvas originals shown here are just a small sampling of her talent. You can contact Cezanna Wedge at, or on her Facebook Fan Page at You can purchase completed canvas paintings from her, or commission her to create an original piece of art specifically for you.

"Child's Play"
"Child's Play" | Source
"Fireworks" | Source
"Lava Flow"
"Lava Flow" | Source
"Storm" | Source
"Islands" | Source
"Volcanic" | Source
"Summer Day 2"
"Summer Day 2" | Source
"Blue Movement"
"Blue Movement" | Source
"Thing 1 & Thing 2"
"Thing 1 & Thing 2" | Source
"X-Ray" | Source
"Trees" | Source
"Summer Day 1"
"Summer Day 1" | Source
"Towers" | Source
"Bold Spring"
"Bold Spring" | Source
"Splashdown" | Source
"Energy" | Source
"Crops" | Source
"Fires Series"
"Fires Series" | Source
"Time in a Bottle"
"Time in a Bottle" | Source
"Living Water"
"Living Water" | Source
"Teal" | Source
"For Jordan"
"For Jordan" | Source
"Melting Bear"
"Melting Bear" | Source
"Palette 2010"
"Palette 2010" | Source
"Jade's Painting"
"Jade's Painting" | Source
"Life and Death 2009"
"Life and Death 2009" | Source
"Marina's Champagne Bubbles"
"Marina's Champagne Bubbles" | Source
"Transformation" | Source


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    • orangecountyjill profile image

      orangecountyjill 4 years ago from Orange County, California

      So glad you liked her work! :)

    • Green Art profile image

      Green Art 5 years ago

      Beautiful work! "Lava Flow" and "Living Water" were my favorite pieces. The color combinations and movement in each painting grabbed my attention. Voted up and beautiful! Look forward to seeing more!

    • RunAbstract profile image

      RunAbstract 6 years ago from USA

      Wow! Thanks for introducing us to this great new artist! I especially like "Storm" and "Energy"!

      Really nice! Voted up!

    • Myrtle Beach Golf profile image

      Myrtle Beach Golf 6 years ago from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

      Tell her she should look into "Big Cartel". They are really great for setting up an online shop =)

    • orangecountyjill profile image

      orangecountyjill 6 years ago from Orange County, California

      She is in the process on getting it set up. You can view her Facebook page and contact her via that or her e-mail. So glad you like the paintings.

    • Myrtle Beach Golf profile image

      Myrtle Beach Golf 6 years ago from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

      Wow. Absolutely gorgeous pieces of art. Does she have a website with her artwork for sale?