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Organic Cacao Goat Milk Swirly Soap

Updated on February 27, 2014

Organic Cacao Goat Milk Swirly Soap

Goat Milk Soap with Organic Cacao Swirl
Goat Milk Soap with Organic Cacao Swirl

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I call this recipe: Olive Oil Premium Goat Milk Soap

This recipe calls for only 3 base oils that are proven to be premium in moisturizing the skin, great benefits for all skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. With Goat Milk's wonderful skin nourishing properties & Olive Oil’s super moisturizing qualities, it’s a sure pH balanced skin care for our skin!

...and to add a tad of twist into this wonderful soap, we're going to use organic dark cacao powder to create a beautiful swirl, while giving our skin the best treat ever!

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Our BATCH = 700g

For our Water: We will use Fresh Goat Milk.

a. for LYE mixture: (25% of 35% Water as Percent of Oils) Fresh Goat Milk = 175g

b. (10% of 35% Water as Percent of Oils) Fresh Goat Milk - Set aside for light trace = 70g

Add 'Preservatives’ to this Fresh Goat Milk

70g Fresh Goat Milk + ½ of 1/8 tsp Sodium Bicarb +

3.5g (0.5% of batch) Potasium Sorbate or Sodium Benzoate

for: Lye-Goat Milk Mixture: 175g Fresh Goat Milk (ICY) + 99g Lye

+ ½ tsp salt solution (saline), to be added after the Lye crystals have dissolved in the goat milk

(an additive to add hardness to the soap)

For our Refreshing Organic Cacao & Goat Milk Experience we chose below fragrance:

Fragrance Blend: 14g Vanilla FO

+ 3.5g Peppermint EO

Additive: 1 tbsp Organic Cacao Powder

What we will need?

2 Soap Mixing Pots/Container

A Stick Blender

Lye Mixing Container (hard plastic)


Mixing/Measuring Cups

Weighing Scale (digital is preferred)

Measuring Spoons

Raw Cacao Products for Skin Care

Organic Raw Cacao Skin Care Products
Organic Raw Cacao Skin Care Products

Goat Milk with Organic Cacao Cold Process Method

How to make an Olive Oil Premium Goat Milk with Organic Cacao Swirl?

*Be very careful when mixing LYE (caustic Soda) to any liquids.

Make sure to wear a protective clothing; a pair of gloves, an apron & goggles to protect eyes.

Pour small amount of caustic soda or lye at a time to avoid the lye mixture boiling over.

  1. Prepare LYE Mixture first as it needs cooling down to room temperature when needed: I always use 25% of the Water Requirement for dissolving Lye Crystals. Then, the remaining 10% of the water required is reserved for light trace (liquids that I use for extra benefits).

    *(set aside to cool to room temperature-the base oils & ley mixture MUST always be of the same range of temperature)

  2. Line your mold with any plastic or baking paper when using wood mould, spray with oil when using plastic molds or even silicon.

  3. Prep and weigh the base oils precisely, a gram over will be fine but more than will not be good as it will be too much for the lye to process.

  4. Be ready with the rest of your (10%) liquids & stir in your preservatives (NatPres).

    *NatPres: (My own version of a Natural Preservtaive)

    -1/8 tsp Sodium Bicarb for every 1 Kg batch

    -0.5% Potasium Sorbate or Sodium Benzoate or 1% Geogard Ultra (INCI: Gluconolactone (and) Sodium Benzoate)

    -Set the above aside (for adding at thin trace).

    5. Fragrance or Essential oil blends should be ready as well, then set aside. We will add later @ light to medium trace, right after adding and mixing your colorant. In this case, the organic or raw cacao powder will be our swirls.

    6. OPTIONAL: Starting with our base oils, just before adding lye mixture: Add 1 tbsp. Silk Mica to the oils and mix until pearlized. Silk Mica adds silkiness to your soap, such a luxurious experience while having a shower.

    But, in this soap, I did not add silk mica yet, the bath experience was very silky & luxurious!

    7. With the LYE MIXTURE, at room temperature, add in to your base oils while stirring manually. Once opaque, give a few short burst using the stick blender. Alternating this Stick & manual mixing technique until a light trace and creamy consistency is achieved.

    8. Then, add in your 10% remaining Liquids + Preservative (NatPres) mixture at light to medium trace, mix manually while giving short bursts using a stick blender.

    For the Organic Cacao SWIRL:

    l. a. @ Light trace, pour half of your soap batter to a separate container.

    b. Stir in ½ - 1 tbsp Cacao Powder (make sure your using raw or dark cacao powder)

    c. Mix using a stick blender, then, pour half of your Vanilla FO to this mixture, give a few burst until medium trace.

    ll. For the main soap batter on the other container, add in the other half of your Vanilla FO + Peppermint EO, give a few short burst of the stick blender until medium trace.

Olive Oil Goat Milk Soap with Organic Cacao Swirl

Method on Cold Process Continued...

Here's my unedited VIDEO on the right-->

9. You may start pouring or scooping the soap batter to your moulds as soon as confident that it was mixed thoroughly.

10. Alternating the Main Soap Batter & the Organic Cacao Soap Batter, then use a spoon for bigger swirls or use a chopstick for a feather swirl. I find using a spoon helpful in pouring my soap batters not to let each color ooze through the layers.

11. Cover with a piece or cardboard, leave some vents or leave UNCOVERED for a couple of hours. Then cover after the GEL PHASE (2-3 hours).

12. Wait for 18-24 hours before unmolding. Cut to desired size. Our Cold Process soap bars are safe to use after 48 hours. But, the longer you cure your soaps (4-6 weeks or more), the harder it will get and the more economical your bar will be.

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My Basic Oils for this Recipe

50% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

25% Virgin Coconut Oil

25% Soybean Oil


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