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Hobbies to try for stress relief.

Updated on January 26, 2012

Learn to paint / put stories together / visualise your dreams

Pastel on board mounted and framed
Pastel on board mounted and framed | Source

Workshops to learn new skills or resurrect old ones

Workshops help build confidence, which will in turn, help you, with your daily life and also with your business life. In times of hardship in particular, people are having their confidence knocked by insecurity in the workplace, and being asked to do more, often for less money. People feel under stress and don't know how to cope. When under pressure at work often people take this stress home thus getting a double dose of anxiety and pressure from work and home life.

At our workshops we produce a pastel landscape similar to the one in the picture with your slant on it. The board can then be taken home, mounted and framed and hung in pride of place. If you're saying I'm not an artist - great - because you WILL BE when you leave.

It is a golden opportunity for the start of a fabulous hobby which can then lead on to selling your work to family and friends and then to the general public.

You will feel so much better about yourself and your capabilities

It will also encourage you to try new hobbies and give you the ability to begin a new project and think about creative projects which may never have been a part of your make up before.

During the creative writing we have the opportunity to write out the old and allow new and creative ideas to come in for the coming year. The exercise can sometimes take you in a different direction from what you may have planned and often just listening to the stories others have written can be an emotive and life changing experience.

During the visualisation we will explore how the body stores resentments anger and sadness and how that can manifest itself in illness. Dr David Hamilton a scientist who now publishes his books through Hay House, talks of how we actually store resentment anger and sadness, in our very cells.

In the privacy of your own head you may wish to release these blockages that may have been holding you back from obtaining your goals and dreams for the future. Very powerful exercise which will leave you feeling completely relaxed and at the same time energised.

Jane Forrest has been running workshops and seminars for the last 15 years in Glasgow and surrounding areas, England and Germany.

Painting the Landscape in Pastel
Painting the Landscape in Pastel

Good all round book about making trees water sky rocks etc.



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