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Painting in the Italian Countryside

Updated on February 10, 2012
Assisi snuggling into Mount Subassio
Assisi snuggling into Mount Subassio | Source

Get Painting

There are no quick fix, get rich schemes, only people slyly intimating that for a few quid you can learn the secrets to untold wealth. The truth is, its a lie, it doesn't exist.

The only real way of making a go of anything is with good, old fashioned hard work. It is with this in mind that I present my lastest, hard earned paintings bourne out of solid graft, with the help of some paint, a pencil and some paper. No computer software to do the work for you, no clip art to ease the workload, just painting, straight lines and free hand circles.

Give it a try, you'll love it.

La Badia, near Orvieto
La Badia, near Orvieto
Umbrian Castle
Umbrian Castle

The Landscape

These are all paintings from Umbria, in the centre of Italy. Green, luscious and hilly, famous for its truffles, wild boar and pale yellow Orvieto wines. It's a beautiful place to paint with old medieval hilltowns, full of narrow cobbled streets and ancient Roman gates guarding their entrance. The slopes are teeming with olive groves, vinyards and dense natural woodland.

The River Tiber cuts a swathe through its shallow valleys and the eastern flanks are bounded by the rugged peaks of the Apennine Mountains, snow capped in winter, green and inviting in the summer. This is a tranquil, relaxed place where you can kick back and soak in your surroundings and paint to your hearts content.

Here the great masters walked the roads looking for work and you will find plenty of inspirational work by Raphael, Signorelli, Perugino and Giotto all dotted around the province. Decorating the walls of obscure churches and adorning the palaces of rich merchants. It is a totally inspirational landscape, where every corner and each hill crest provides a new image.

Umbrian Hills
Umbrian Hills
Lake Trasimeno
Lake Trasimeno

The Paintings

All the paintings are completed on heavy cartridge paper using watercolour and ink. The images are stylised versions of the landscape, taking late Byzantine and early Renaissance ways of dealing with buidings and prespective as a source of reference. Houses are abruptly cut off, scale is unimportant and colours are decidedly brighter, much as you'd imagine a summer of your youth.

The landscapes are deliberately altered, just as well edit our minds eye view of our holidays once we return to the daily grind. The important features stand tallered, are more colourful and stark than the background memories. We create an idealised landscape in which we enjoyed our time away.


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