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Paper Cutting Techniques For Scrapbooks And Card by Sharyn Sowell

Updated on January 31, 2013

This book, Paper Cutting Techniques For Scrapbooks And Card is written by Sharyn Sowell.

Like the title states: cutting techniques, it is what you get.This book goes over paper cutting techniques that can come in handy, for example:

how to use patterns

cutting letters

cutting without patterns

positive and negative space

What is also lovely about this book is the great examples of the techniques also help spark new ideas. This book has great instructions and pictures which shows you how to apply each technique so you are not left hanging.

I particularly enjoyed the paper chain card examples and the accordion-fold cards. It has some unique variations on making greeting cards instead of just the norm.

This book was given to me as a gift so it has some extra sentimental value. Would I personally by this book? It is a great book to look at and check out from the library and see, but I am more into stamping so not this book is not really my cup of tea.

If you are into paper cutting and making handmade greeting cards that are unique versus a paper cut in half and folded, this book might definitely be for you.

Update - It has been a little over 5 months since I wrote this hub and I have learned to appreciate this book more. I found that some of the techniques which I thought I needed no guidance on and looked simple enough, ended up being a little more challenging than I had originally thought.

Earned some new respect to for the book, don't be fooled, it makes things look simple. I am not saying it is complicated, it is that the steps you might miss if you are not familiar with the techniques and then things don't look as pretty. It is all in the details. It's like a cheat sheet with indispensable tips. You know the tips that make you look like a pro.

It was great to have this book as a reference and by attempting some of the techniques I had not tried before made a my recent projects a little more challenging than the norm. I believe it is nice to challenge oneself sometimes.


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