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Paracord ideas for rainy days

Updated on October 28, 2013

Paracord ideas ahoy!

When bored or in need to make something productive, some paracord ideas and projects seem like an obvious and productive use of my time.

I wrote many, many articles so far on this subject and have experienced many amazing creations from paracord. But people still surprise me! That is why i have decided to share some of the things you can make from paracord. From bracelets and other usual stuff, to some innovative ways of using paracord.

I would like to welcome you to my page and i hope you will have a good time!

You can find a wide selection of tutorials on paracord projects here.

Why choose paracord?

Why go with paracord ideas and not something else?

Paracord in my opinion brings the following benefits:

- durability

- great esthetic look

- quality

- versatility

Although these are not the only benefits of paracord, they are the ones that matter most in my opinion. Having a piece of cord you can rely on for many uses is never a bad idea and in many situations people use it to make their lives easier. Some use paracord as a clothing line, other break it down to inner strands and use it as floss, some replace their shoelaces with it!

Granted, you would not expect your jewelry to transform into a survival kit, it is used as such quite often. Paracord bracelets are also called survival bracelets and are quite popular, especially by survivalists, such as campers and army men.

You can easily make sporty and colorful jewelry and equipment that is also durable. I would not attend any six course dinners or business meetings with them, but for a sporty, outgoing type of image, look you can not beat paracord!

To make this blog a bit more romantic, let me add, that i crafted two bracelets and a necklace for my wife and i think it helped win her heart!

Watch some cool uses for paracord on Youtube!

Paracord ideas explained

What paracord projects exist and why do any of them?

Paracord bracelet

  • Paracord bracelets look beautiful, are durable and colorful. You can make them in many different patterns and will make a wonderful gift. Anything made is better than something bought!

Paracord necklace

  • Similarly to the bracelet, the paracord necklace is easy to make and makes a beautiful decorative piece of jewelry or a gift for a loved one.

Paracord belt

  • Paracord belt is one of my favorite things to make. You can really use a lot of paracord for it and that is a good thing! If you are ever in need of rope, you can disassemble it and have a load of paracord.
    The belt goes great with sporty outfits and especially cargo pants.

Paracord keychain

  • What can i say, it looks good and it is customized. Why not make one?

Paracord lanyard

  • Great for attaching things so you do not lose them. Fun and great utility.

Paracord hammock

  • Amazing!
    Best thing you can have for camping. Sleep away from insects and other critters on the ground.
    It will require quite a bit of patience (and paracord too). make).

Paracord dog leash

  • Durable, water resistant and looks great. All i can say about it!

Paracord dog collar

  • Great item and easy to make. A custom fitted collar for your dog? How good can this pup have it?

Paracord bottle sleeve

  • Great for glass bottles and baby bottles. It helps you attach them to other gear and makes sure the bottle does not damage when falling. I would recommend this as a project!


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