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Getting back to knitting

Updated on March 2, 2012

Delights of Purls & Knits

If I remember correctly, the first time I picked up knitting needles was in Class 4 at the age of 9 or 10. It was one of the projects we had to choose from in our Hobby Class. My mother had a box full of needles with a bright orange cap (I think she still has it somewhere) and I made a muffler as part of my project submission. Thereafter I made a small swatch with buttons for my best friend when I was bidding her goodbye at the age of 14-15. I forgot all about knitting in the following teens , college and work years till today when I was shy of my 30th birthday.

We recently relocated abroad and I had lots of time in hand before I could get all the necessary authorizations to start working in the new country when I noticed a book on knitting just Caps & Socks in Barnes & Noble. My good husband laughed at the prospect of me knitting and feeling a little miffed I brushed the thought aside. A month later I decided with renewed interest to buy myself some wool and needles and with determination to make a sleeveless sweater for myself or rather simple a vest.

So off we (yes, my good husband too) went to the store and picked up a knitting starters kit, a knitting magazine and some lovely coloured wool balls.

My friend suggested You Tube as a good source for guide and ideas and I checked that out and was amazed at the amount of information and techniques that one can learn on the internet.

I refreshed my techniques on casting on and purl and knit..bringing back fond memories of childhood. Then I found a video that showed me how to make a loopy muffler pattern and I was thrilled with the new steps like Yo, slip slip knit and purl to together!! What simple moves and can create such beautiful patterns! I completed a lovely muffler. Next a beanie cap for my good husband which admittedly had twisted edges thanks to my lack of knowledge on changing the yarn position when switching between knit and purl!

Enthralled, I discovered different patterns and started collecting and saving the plethora of information that the world wide web has to offer. I started working on my first vest with so much excitement and incorporated a muffler pattern in the front piece, then worked the neck and arm holes and was so happy learning the techniques to do it. Today I am working on a half sleeve top where I learnt how to make bobbles!!

I am striving here to express my delight at this wonderful creative hobby which is such a lovely pastime, loads of learning and so satisfying..when I go see the variety of wool and the colours available in the market, I am like a kid in a candy store.

I thank my mum and my Grade 4 Hobby teacher for introducing me to knitting....

..not to forget mentioning my good husband who one day was intrigued at my knitting stitches and exclaimed “whoa!, this looks complex” ;-)


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