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Pentax K-x - Cheap DSLR Camera at its Best

Updated on March 5, 2011

Pretty Colors!

Cheap DSLR Camera With Class

The Pentax K-x is a member of the "Cheap DSLR Camera" class. That is, it's an entry level digital SLR camera that is really inexpensive.

Have you ever seen a DSLR camera that was not either black or silver?

Me either.. That is until the Pentax K-x Red and Blue cameras came along.

They are really cool.

Hey, I remember when men didn't wear pink. So I think we need to get past this "black" issue, too.

OKay, let's talk photography.

  • 12.4-Megapixel CMOS image sensor with "Shake Reduction" (that's like Image Stabilization or Vibration Reduction in Canon or Nikon language).
  • LCD - 2.7" with Live View
  • ISO - Range is from 200 to 6400, but it is expandable to as low as 100 and as high as 12800
  • Burst Rate of 4.7 frames per second
  • Video Capture - widescreen HD video at 720p resolution
  • 11-point wide angle autofocus system with Face Detection of up to 16 faces
  • Uses AA lithium batteries or AA NiMH rechargeables (or if you are in a pinch you can use good ole alkaline batteries)
  • Compact design allows for 1-hand operation
  • Comes in Black, Blue, White or Red (designer colors are new to DSLR cameras)

What's Really Good

  1. HD Video - the Pentax K-x is the only camera in the Cheap DSLR Camera category (under $650) with HD Video.
  2. HDR Capture - High Dynamic Range is a big deal right now among photographers. It is when you take 3 (or more) photos of the same exact scene using different exposures and blend them together to create the final image. Usually this is done with image editing software such as Photoshop, but some cameras are now including it as an in-camera process.
  3. Image quality - when compared to the competition (Canon Rebel and Nikon D3000) the Pentax K-x was clearly better at higher ISO settings at 800 ISO and above.
  4. Price - the camera with 18-55mm kit lens sells for under $600. There are two other "kits" that include an additional lens of either 50-300 or 50-200mm.
  5. Shutter Speed - a very fast 1/6000th second speed is the fastest in this class (compared to 1/4000 for Canon and Nikon models)
  6. Lenses - If you already own a Pentax Lens, you can use it with your new Pentax K-x, because all Pentax SLR lenses from the beginning of time are still usable.

What's not so Good

  1. No visual focus indicators - Most DSLR cameras have indicators that let you know where your camera is focussing. The Pentax K-x does not. Every technical reviewer found this somewhat disappointing. Not to make excuses for the lack of these points, but if you are buying your very first DSLR, you may not have experienced having visual aids for focus, and this may not be an issue for you.
  2. Battery Life - when using Live View, batteries were of shorter duration than expected.

Photos from Flickr with a Pentax K-x
This one is using the in-camera HDR capability
This one is using the in-camera HDR capability

Pentax K-x Introduction


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    • profile image

      Lillah 3 years ago

      That's a creative answer to a dilffcuit question

    • profile image

      Loran 3 years ago

      If not for your writing this topic could be very couoelntvd and oblique.

    • Wayne Rasku profile image

      Wayne Rasku 3 years ago

      Glad to be of service @Sunny :-)

    • profile image

      Sunny 3 years ago

      You saved me a lot of halsse just now.

    • stevbike profile image

      stevbike 7 years ago from Newbury, Ontario, Canada

      I have used Pentax for years! I started with the K-1000. It was and is a tank of a camera. From there I moved on to models like the ME-Super and the SF-10. From 1985 until 2009, it got interested in smaller cameras like the Fuji A-700 and S1000/ S1500 but having a number of unused Pentax lenses bought back then and brought them into the digital age to live again.

    • thewayeyeseeit profile image

      thewayeyeseeit 7 years ago from Woodstock, GA

      Hey Stevbike,

      I totally agree that Pentax does not get the attention of Canon or Nikon, but the quality is definitely there!

      Thanks for the comment.

    • stevbike profile image

      stevbike 7 years ago from Newbury, Ontario, Canada

      I own a Pentax K-m myself and love it! The K-x looks like a nice improvement on the K-m platform. Pentax cameras are very nice and in some ways underrated compared to the other brands.

    • thewayeyeseeit profile image

      thewayeyeseeit 7 years ago from Woodstock, GA

      Thanks Mikizi,

      Renewing vows is a great idea to add some spark back into your relationship.

    • Mikizi profile image

      Mikizi 7 years ago from WV-on top of old smoky or better put I am on top of the world

      Wonderful indeed. If I can ever get my husband to renew our vows, I hope to get a photographer half as good as you.


    • thewayeyeseeit profile image

      thewayeyeseeit 7 years ago from Woodstock, GA

      Thanks for stopping by GL. Appreciate the comment.

    • G L Strout profile image

      G L Strout 7 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Wonderful photos and great article. Thanks.

    • thewayeyeseeit profile image

      thewayeyeseeit 7 years ago from Woodstock, GA

      I agree. That is an amazing feature for this little cheap DSLR.

    • profile image

      nicepix4u 7 years ago from Spain

      cool camera with inbuild hdr