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Photography 3: Botanical Gardens Emmerentia, Johannesburg, SA.

Updated on September 9, 2013

Photography with a cell phone is fun; you can take photos from angles that you wouldn't normally do with a normal camera. It will also not cost you an arm and a leg.

It is interesting to go read about the history of the development of the camera and to see where photography comes from.

The History of taking photos was not always that simple a task.

In today's modern times we are so spoiled by the digital camera, where we could see the image immediately and don't have to wait for 8 hours to develop a photo.

I love the digital age, don't you?

Photos from my Nokia N95 Cell Camera.

Dam at Emmerentia.


Botanical Gardens Emmerentia


Old South African flag!


New South African Flag!

Botanical Gardens Emmerentia

When things get to me, this is my place of peace.

Water has a calming effect on the senses and the sounds of birds and the wind in the trees has a way of getting our minds to stop for a while and just appreciate what God has given us.

Overview of Botanical Gardens Emmerentia.

The 81-hectare Botanical Garden form one of Johannesburg’s vital green lungs. The land for the gardens was set aside in 1969 – at the time it was a sports field and golf driving range consisting of bare veld and no trees.

Now it consists of large, grassy, open spaces scattered with trees and used by runners, picnickers and dog walkers. It hosts the occasional concert season and kite-flying competitions.

Visitors enjoy its special gardens – the Shakespeare Garden, the Rose Garden, the Herb Garden, a Hedge Demonstration Garden and the main arboretum, which houses family groupings of plants and trees of South Africa and the rest of the world.

The gardens contain an attractive mix of bunched indigenous and exotics surrounded by lawns, overlooking the 7,5-hectare Emmarentia Dam, which dates back to the turn of the century, popular with canoeists and boaters. There is also a tea pergola and a floreum for meetings, shows and exhibitions.

The dam is fed by two smaller dams above it, which are home to many aquatic birds.

The park is fenced and gates at all the entrances are staffed by security guards.


Emmarentia Dam is a dam in Emmarentia, Johannesburg, South Africa. There are several dams that make up Emmarentia Dam, despite its allusion to the singular.[citation needed]

The Johannesburg Botanical Garden is on the western shore of the dam. [2]

The eastern shore consists of woodlands, natural grass areas used for picnics, braais(barbecues) and dog walking, a tea room and the Dabulamanzi canoe club.

My place of reset.

The beauty of nature always brings to mind the beauty of God's nature.

God, the designer of the universe and all that is therein, with all the different facets, the uniqueness of each individual plant in creation, the patterns and the forms, the colours and fragrance.

What a rich blessing to our senses.

Stunning flower.

Stunning flower on the knee.
Stunning flower on the knee.

This young tree, found between the other much larger trees stands out because it is growing strong, alone yet dwafed by others.

Spring is my favorite time to check on this "teenager", making a stand getting stronger and more lovely each year.

Young tree.

My wife Cavell sitting at Emmerentia dam, Johannesburg.
My wife Cavell sitting at Emmerentia dam, Johannesburg. | Source

A cold, quiet Sunday afternoon, and yet there are some who are not afraid to take to the water in thier canoes.

I love the dam and watching the changes in the trees, plants and birds throughout the different seasons.

Here, in the middel of winter, there are bare, golden and even many evergreen trees, bushes and plants intertwined, standing together in the cold and wind, just waiting for Spring to warm thier trunks and leaves, and to bring the beauty of the bloomsand colour of Spring back into thier lives.


Autumn tree.

Autumn trees

The glory of Sunrise. A photo of Brixton tower, where SABC sends out it's signal.

This used to belong to the military many years back.

I took this photograph on my way to work at about 5h30 am.

Brixton tower.

Brixton Tower at sunset, Johannesburg, South Africa
Brixton Tower at sunset, Johannesburg, South Africa

This signal stands close to where we live.

With the clouds behind it with the rays of the son breaking through, to me, is symbolic of the word in my life, with the direction it gives and the light of the Lord shining into our lives when we take the time to see.




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    • kerlund74 profile image

      kerlund74 3 years ago from Sweden

      Wonderful photos of a great place.

    • sensiva profile image

      sensiva 6 years ago

      Great photographs. Mooi fotos.