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Photo Edit Software Info

Updated on May 18, 2010

Free Photo Editing Software

There are many free photo editing software programs you can download from the internet. With these free programs you can do all the regular picture "perfections" you can think of. Like cropping, to emphasize just the right portion of the picture. Or taking out scary red-eye, this is no problem with free tools. All the basic adjustments like contrast and brightness are chageable.

The most famous free program is Gimp. It is just a download away. Another one is Picasa, made by Google. You can access it with your Gmail account. It has some other cool features like slideshows, image timelines, and printing. Google is all about sharing, as we know. So it is no surprise Picasa includes a neat "share with family" feature.

Photo Editors that Cost Money

Commercial Photo Editors

Here's a list of some commercial editors with some of their distinguishing characteristics.

  • PhotoShop CS4 ($699)- State of the art. Everybody in the industry talks about PhotoShop as the standard. But the problem is really the price. Out of range for many people who just want to make cool online photo albums or want to spice up their basic websites. Photoshop is also kind of complicated for what most photographers need.
  • PhotoShop Elements ($100)- So Elements guts out PhotoShop CS and gives you just the features you are most likely to need.I like Elements a lot better because the price is right and it is more user-friendly.  
  • Serif Digital Photo ($49)- This is a good basic program for the creative photographer who wants to do things like albums and slideshows. The presentation features are outstanding on Serif. How about making a photography calander? It's all possible with Serif.
  • Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo ($100)- Corel has a lot of special effects to choose from. You can choose great frames to put around photos with this program. Probably the best feature is the Express Lab, which lets you edit several photos at once. If you are ready to spend a hundred bucks, this may be the one to get.
  • ACDSee Photo Manager ($50)- OK. Not a very great image editing program, which is what you're after, right? But, then, if what you really want is a top notch photo management program, this is it.
  • PhotoEditorX ($47)- PhotoEditorX can do pretty much anything the monster expensive PhotoShop can do, but at a fraction of the price. Another nice thing is the 25 videos you get with the software that shows you how to do just about anything you want with your photos.

Best Deal: PhotoEditorX

 Reasons PhotoEditorX is the Best Deal

  • PhotoShop Quality For 1/8 of the Price
  • Much Easier to Use
  • 25 Videos and 200 Photos for Training
  • Put it on Unlimited CPUs

Get PhotoEditorX for $47


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