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Photography In Life

Updated on May 4, 2017

Photography in life

Photography in Life is an amazing thing. It lets you capture moments and keep them forever. This big green and blue ball that we all live on is full of beauty. A lot of Beauty we will never get to experience or see. Moments we will miss out on. Thats where photography comes in. It lets us all see so much beauty. Most people have millions of amazing experiences in their pocket only a few presses of a button away. Isn’t it amazing to have the Grand Canyon on your wall, The Great Wall of China across the room, and Niagara Falls downstairs.

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls

What is long exposure photography?

You can capture brilliant things that you can not see with your eyes. Cameras can make the stars brighter, the girl prettier, the cars faster, and the fireworks longer. Long-exposure allows for many amazing things like time taking place in a photo, light hovering, and many more uses. If you took a long exposure photo of someone running, it would compact all the action that they did and put it in a single photo. I love Long exposures because it can put so much beauty and combine it, thus making more. The following photo shows the action of the highway compacted.

Long-Exposure Photography
Long-Exposure Photography | Source

What is shutter speed?

Fast shutter speeds allow you too virtual freeze action. For example you can take a photo with basketball player in the air with the ball in front of him or water being splashed into the air. The shutter speed of a camera his how long it lets light in. So a long shutter speed brightens the image and blurs the action, while a fast shutter speed freezes the action and makes the image darker. In the image that follows the shutter speed was fast so it could capture the water, something we would only get to see in a blur with our raw eyes.

High Shutter Speed Photography
High Shutter Speed Photography | Source

Isn’t it amazing that the press of a shutter can make so many people happy. A little finger movement can be so much more. Without cameras so much would be lost. There is a wonderful world out there. Capture it.


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    • Jason mackenzie profile image

      Jason Mackenzie 8 months ago from Perth WA 6000

      I have once used a high-speed, high-resolution camera to capture the water droplet on different surfaces as my thesis topic. It was amazing to see the impact when the droplet was captured with the camera. The droplet was bounced back in a slow motion and it was really impressed. From this thesis, I became really interested in capturing photos which are related to motion. Thank you so much for this interesting article too :)

    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 8 months ago from Joliet, Illinois

      Photography is amazing