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Photography Is the Art of Creating Beautiful Pictures

Updated on November 17, 2018
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As an experienced online writer, Vivian brings you the beauty of life in a neat package, easy to read and follow. Here is one more.

Preserving the Wondrous and Beautiful

Choose optimum lighting for your pictures
Choose optimum lighting for your pictures | Source

Photography is a Regal Art

One should have a hobby to realize how precious time is. When we spend time on something useful, it comes back to us in many other ways.

Choose a good Camera

Begin with a good camera. Nikon D800 and Canon 5DIII are the latest offerings. Both have their good points and a few sliders but these cameras are for professionals who cater to photographing public ceremonies and functions.

Golden days of Photography

Balance of light and background is essential
Balance of light and background is essential | Source

Black and White and Color Photos

The impact of color photos is difficult to explain to one who has not captured something on film. It is like any other art form, it simply persists and acquires newer dimensions when one is least expecting it. Black and white photos have a charm that one can never see in color pictures. Perhaps it is because they are no more or perhaps it is because they make no distinction between the colors, they appeal to people in a quaint manner. All digital cameras today have connectivity options for connecting to computers. You can even take pictures from the computer.

Photography and the subjects

How does one choose the subject of photography? This is entirely up to the photographer. The kinds of photos range from stills, action, and group photography. In still photography, one could study various flowers, gardens, and landscapes, or one could photograph individuals, or pet animals.

In action photography, one chooses the sport or activity that one wants to capture on film. It may be some celebration, a rare occasion, or the presence of visiting dignitaries that one needs to capture.

Since the photography film has gone forever, there is no need to choose a particular type of film for our cameras. One just shoots with the digital cameras and uploads it to the web. However, there is the question of using storage space wisely.

Kids with Superpowers Video

Advantages of Choosing Photography as a Hobby

Photography is special and as a hobby it recreates the individual in a mold that is constantly evolving. Every picture and every action that one makes to perfect this art contributes to the perfection of the soul of the individual.

Think about capturing unique pictures or exotic videos! It is possible if you are a photographer and have your equipment around with you all the time. Here is a look at some of the advantages when you compare photography to other recreational activities.

  1. It is less stressful
  2. The work remains as photos with you
  3. You develop a strong character
  4. It is relatively cheap
  5. Photography does not require skills to begin

Get Involved with events

Capture intimate details with a good camera
Capture intimate details with a good camera | Source

Usefulness of this art form compared to other hobbies

As mentioned above, one benefits directly from this hobby. It is similar to fishing, hunting, hiking, and camping in many aspects. This hobby has contributed to the chronicling of events. Hunting allows you to let your animal instincts come to the fore. The instinct for survival makes you or breaks you. Fishing also yields results though there are times when one returns empty handed. Fishing is a quiet and relaxing hobby that suits the sedentary person. On a comparative scale, one sees that photography does not set conditions but rather adjusts to the conditions that exist. One goes prepared to photograph things or events with the proper equipment, flash and tripods.

Photographing some moment in time preserves it for the progeny. It serves as a talking point and becomes the subject of many family debates. Many relationships began using photographs while the police circulate posters of criminals wanted in cases pending investigation.

In yester years, there really was no choice when it came to equipment. One had to accept whatever was there. There was the zoom and one could use lighting devices such as the flash. However, that was that. It was up to the photographer to improvise. If the light was poor or if you did not choose your background well, the photograph would turn up like a damp dishrag. One also needs to have some knowledge about the art.

Mainly it is about exposure and the choice of the shutter speeds. These two components are the legs and arms of the entire sequence. for example, while photographing sporting activity, one chooses high shutter speeds. This means the amount of light entering the camera is less. Use bigger aperture setting for the lenses. Photographing in low lights requires slow shutter speeds.

The cameras of today are vastly different. It has taken all computations and calculations out and put in knobs and settings that act electronically to tell you which should be used. There are lasers that recognize the face, whether it is smiling, and the light intensity and suggests shutter speeds to the photographer. Most modern cameras can easily hold thousands of photos. One transfers these to a computer and then they become live online photographs.

If you are searching for a hobby, you should consider taking up photography. There is no big outlay required since all you need is a camera. Cameras for beginners should not cost more than Rs 4,000 to Rs 5, 000 (around $100). There is no need even for film or anything extra. Most of them are rugged and withstand the knocks and rough handling exceptionally well. Most of them have inbuilt flashes too.

Vary light effect to make pictures attractive

Beauty of roses
Beauty of roses | Source

Sites that pay money

Many sites pay handsomely for photographs. Many are revenue sharing sites and if your pictures are good, you can make it big easily. Shutterstock, Veer, Fotolia, Photobucket and Flickr will accept your pictures. If you are only beginning, the quality of the pictures may not be too good. However, in time it will all become perfect. One needs to keep on practicing and trying different things with the camera. One day you will be ready.

Choosing a camera

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