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Photoshop Brushes 101 - saving & extraction

Updated on August 30, 2012

Saving & Exporting Photoshop CS brushes

Recently I was searching the web on How to save Photoshop CS3-CS6 brushes and/or extract. Many people asked the same question which they thought was unanswered. Thing is that it's quite a simple task once you understand the concept. Once you finished your brush you have to save it. Saving the brush as a Photoshop file will keep it in your version of Photoshop. If you save it on a desktop or file folder than you have the file version which is ABR. Simply so that's how you extract or save Photoshop CS brushes. That's the concept. Below are the directions.

This is the post brush creation process which explains how you can save and export your original brush sets. So once you finish creating your brush >>

Step 1. Go to Edit > Define Brush Set

Your picture appears here where you rename the brush then click ok.

Step 2

Now that you made it a brush you have the smart option of saving it to your Photoshop.

2. Go to where your brushes are on your panel and click on the downward arrow

Step 3. Click on the arrow that points right now on the opening tab and go to Preset Manager

Here's where you have the option to save. Every time you defined a brush or brush set (saved) it was saved here. If you want to extract your brush or set then click on the brush and it will highlight. If your saving as a set than hit CTRL to select multiple brushes. Once your finished then click SAVE SET (even for single brushes). Saving anyplace aside of your Photoshop (for instance your desktop) will then create a file version of your brush. So if you saved your 1st brush on your desktop then it will be a ABR file which is how you share or sell it.

That's simply it. That's how your share, save and extract Photoshop brushes. Lastly the file sizes are small for brushes so zipping files is not really necessary.


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