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Pictures Of Diaper Cakes

Updated on December 14, 2012

Pictures of Diaper Cakes To Give You Ideas

Looking for some great ideas for your diaper cake? I have several pictures of diaper cakes below to help inspire your creative side. Any mother to be would be thrilled to receive a diaper cake.

Diaper cakes can be given for baby showers, newborns welcome home, and even baptisms.

Elegant Diaper Cakes

You can make an elegant diaper cake without the gifts hanging off the sides of it. You can either hide gifts inside of the diaper cake or you can create it with just diapers and ribbon with flowers, lace, or ribbon flowing down it.

Elegant Diaper Cake Pictures

Themed Diaper Cakes

If you want to lavish your mom to be with baby gifts then you can make a themed diaper cake that uses baby clothing, blankets, hooded towels, bibs, baby essentials, oh the list goes on. You can included anything you want to inside the diaper cake or put it around the layers or tie it with ribbon to the sides.

Make a diaper cake for baby girls themed with pink or purple and decorated with girly things.

Make a diaper cake for boys decorated in blue, green, or even brown. You can use animal or sports themes.

You can also choose to make your diaper cake as many layers as you want it to be. You can with a simple 1 or 2 layered cake or go with a generous 3 or 4 layer diaper cake.

Pictures Of Diaper Cakes For Girls

Pictures Of Diaper Cakes For Boys

Baptism Diaper Cake


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