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Pictures of Pura Vida: Photos from Costa Rica

Updated on May 11, 2013

Pictures of Pura Vida from Costa Rica

What does Pura Vida mean? What does Pura Vida look like, might be a better question! If you want to see Pura Vida (pure life) you don't have to go to far. Look around Costa Rica. See the people, the sky, the land, the water and you too will know Pura Vida. The following pictures you are about to look at are either on the wall in my home or the home of my in-laws. Just one glance transports me to this beautiful county. A country where I am not from, where I was not born, but somehow feels strangely like home. Costa Rica holds a big piece of my heart. Mainly because my wife is from there and her sweet family has welcomed me in and treated my as one of their own. These pictures I'm sharing with you remind me of how truly blessed I am to have not only my wife, but to be a part of her family as well and feel an honorary citizen to such a wonderful, beautiful county

If you'd like them on your wall as well. email me at for sizes and pricing.


This photo was taken on a trip to Costa Rica on a summer morning walk through the jungle. It was one of those beautiful mornings where you simply can not deny that a higher power had a hand in the creation of such beauty.

The forest mist rises above the trees and into the sky. The clouds from last night's rain are returning to the sea. The sun breaks through the tree line. In the distance you can hear the birds singing their morning songs, the monkey's searching for mangoes and the waves are close. Breathing in the clean warm morning air you look up to see this and know that heaven is on Earth, at least here...

Esto Es Pura Vida

The drive out there was a two lane windy road through thick forest and jungle. Once you arrive where the jungle meets the beach, the sand stretches far and west. It's low tide and the water is calm, peaceful and warm. You chase sand crabs, run through the water, soaking in the beauty.

After a lite lunch, you're over taken by relaxation. You climb into the hammock. It only takes a minute. The sun disappears behind a thick cloud. The shade from the palm trees combined with the ocean breeze is all you need.

Nap time...

This is Pura Vida

The King of Coffee

Driving back from visiting with the volcano, Poas, in the province of Alajuela, it was a cloudy lazy afternoon. The clouds had blocked our view of the volcano, but we still were able to walk around the area and explore all the beauty of the local forest. It was on this windy road down the mountain, that we stopped long enough for me to snap off these two pictures.

The first is a sign for a local restaurant advertising the traditional local coffee that is drank in Costa Rica. Cafe Rey has been on the market for over 40 years and it's flavor it sweet and earthy. Cafe Rey captures the flavors of Pura Vida well.

Costa Rican coffee is well respected the world over as being some of the finest coffee you can drink. If you get a chance to have it, make sure you enjoy it to the last drop as it will live up to and even exceed the motto of another well known coffee...

Corona Is For People Who Haven't Had Imperial

This is the National Beer of Costa Rica.  Like Cafe Rey, Imperial is infused with the flavors of Pura Vida.  Enjoyed for 80 years by Ticos and Ticas, Cerveza Imperial is an all natural pilsner style of beer that goes great with anything.

It helps to chase down guaro well but also is a fine compliment to fish and chicharones.  When you find yourself in Costa Rica, make sure to toast to your stay and toast to Pura Vida over a nice cold bottle of Imperial.

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A day at the beach
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View from the canopy


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