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Placment Tips For Drawing The Eyes On A character & No More Cross Eyes

Updated on May 20, 2009
A Drawing I did a while back for a tutorial I was doing.
A Drawing I did a while back for a tutorial I was doing.

Cossed Eyed and That Annoying Space Between the Eyes

One of the most common mistakes I have seen when trying to draw a manga proportioned face is that they eyes are too close together, or cross eyed. 

This can get very frustrating, trying to figure out how far apart the eyes should be from each other... but it's not really.

This was isnnired by something I wrote a while back thaat was helping someone out with the reacourring problems people saw in ttheir manga drawings, Crossed Eyes and The Eyes being to close together or to far apart.

Note: These Tips Were Written For Drawing A Manga Proprtioned Face.

Basics To How Far Apart To Draw The Eyes:

A basic guide to remember is that there should be enough room for a third eye to be in between the eyes and this will make it proportionally correct to the general population, personally I think that is too far apart or at the very least edging on it.

I recommend placing the eyes far enough apart to have more like 3 quarters of the same sized eye in between the eyes, but this is a personal preference!

The Finished Drawing For A Tutorial I did Almost a Year Ago Now.
The Finished Drawing For A Tutorial I did Almost a Year Ago Now.

About Drawing Cross Eyed Faces, How Frustrating!

Another thing that is common is to draw the eyes cross eyed, we've all done it and then when looking at the drawing the character looks spaced or confused when that was now our intention.

If you have ever watched someones eyes, (even looking in a mirror to a certain extent can help) you will notice that the eyes will move in sequence. both eyes will move to the right of the socket when looking right and the same is true when looking in any direction, left, right, up, or down.

How To Stop Drawing Cross Eyed Faces

To prevent a cross eyed chracter just decide where the character is looking, once that is deiced draw both eyes going in the same way... one side of the eye socket, left, right, up or down.. not one eye to the left and one to the right or one up and one down.. again this makes your chracter look confused, cross eyed or dizzy.. in some cases on the other hand is a wanted look.

So Many People Don't Want To Hear It But...

Practice really does make perfect, Practice... get obsessed if you want to improve... spend ever free minute you have on practicing and studying to improve! Also keep some old drawings, make sure you dating them as well. Even if you keep a few in computer format doing this will allow you to see how you have improved over a period of time.

Ending Note:

An overview, 

  • Eyes should be at least 3 quarters of the eye size apart, no more then 1 whole eye size apart
  • Eyes should be looking in one direction: left, right, up, or down not any combo of any two ways
  • Practice makes perfect, keep trying!
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