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Preschool / Kid's Craft: Make a Fall Suncatcher - Free printable template

Updated on October 14, 2009

Materials needed:

  1. Scissors
  2. Repositionable clear contact paper
  3. Brown, orange, burgundy, and yellow construction paper

1. Using the template (labeled fall_tree_template.pdf) cut 1 tree base, 5 pumpkins, 5 pumpkin stems, and at least 10 leaves of each color (at least 30 total). For this example, we actually used a paper punch to make the leaves so if you have one handy use it!

2. Cut a piece of clear repositionable contact paper twice as long as you would like the height of the final suncatcher to be. For this example, we wanted an 18” high suncatcher, so we cut the contact paper to 36” high.

3. Fold the contact paper in half, creasing at the point that you would like to be the top of your fall scene.

4. Remove the paper backing from the contact paper and place sticky side up on a table.

5. Using the crease in the contact paper as a guide to mark the top of your scene, place the paper pieces of your scene down on the sticky side of the contact paper.

6. Fold the contact paper at the crease and seal in place, smoothing carefully with your hands while you are folding.

7. Using strips of construction paper and double-sided tape, frame the scene.

8. Hang in a sunny window with tape or by punching holes in the top and threading with string.


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