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Project 365 week 11

Updated on January 31, 2012

Week 11 proved to be interesting as old man winter started out this week and it ended with spring like conditions. I dare say I am hopefully that this means our winter will be a mild one. I do not mind snow... it can snow all it wants in the yard. As long as it stays off the road and my driveway :) As long as we have the variety in the weather as we did this week, it should keep my photos from all looking the same. Which will make this project incredibly easier.

Day 72
Day 72

Day 72

OK, I know that there is going to be a whole lot of photos in the coming weeks that snow may be a part of, but there is something magical about the first big snow of the winter. Not the little dusting snow.. but the first dumping of at least a foot. (I live in North Western PA so this is going to happen- it is just a question of when) We we went to bed last night the national weather alerts were definitely keeping my cell phone busy. So I was expecting the snow when I woke up the next morning. It was not a trama because the sun was shining off the snow and it was quite beautiful.

Day 73
Day 73

Day 73

The sun shone all day yesterday and effectively got rid of 99% of the snowfall. Leaving mud. yuck! I decided to take a drive to find a photo opp for the day and it was in the "magic hour" the last hour before the sun sets when the colors realy pop in the sky. Rounding a corner I saw that the sun was setting perfectly behind a cemetary. Yes, possibly a bit morbid- but cool non the less, so I pulled over and made my way through the muddy field on the eastern side. I wanted to get a low profile to capture the shadow of the stones, so of course I had to kneel on one knee to steady my shot. Note to self- make sure the extra tripod is in the vehicle at all times and invest in some good stain remover.

Day 74
Day 74

Day 74

This was a hectic day, I did not get out to take a photo until late. I suppose I could have taken an inside shot- but I really wanted to be outside. I had no idea what the subject was going to be and was driving around aimlessly. I ended up in the downtown park thinking I could just go with one of the lit up statues when I saw the stained glass windows glowing in the Baptist church. Having learned my lesson the day before- I had the tripod with me. I grabbed quite a few photos and did not like any of them but I was determined to make this work. So I set up the camera with a long shutter to catch the limited light and I was very pleased with how it turned out. I gained some confidence today because now shooting outside at night is no longer a mystery. It may have taken 50 photos to figure out how to get it right (thank goodness for digital) but the thousands of setting combinations on my Nikon are starting to make a bit more sense.

Day 75
Day 75

Day 75

For as orange and yellow as the sky was last night, it was a brilliant blue and purple tonight. I have a favorite spot and tree that I love to take a photo from behind. I like how the tree frames the foreground. I know that you will probably see this tree in future photos, and even though my own rules are to make each photo unique and different- I think I can pull this off with the differences in the sky and the clouds.

Day 76
Day 76

Day 76

I love waterfalls and I look for them everywhere. It seems though that some of the most impressive ones in my area are all on private property. I had to take this photo from the road through the trees due to that very reason. True, I probably could have knocked on the door and gotten permission to enter the area- but I am still not comfortable with the idea. So for now- I will enjoy the views and the photos from afar.

Day 77
Day 77

Day 77

Jack, the cat, just would not leave me alone tonight. It seemed as though he knew I had not taken the picture of the day and he was bound and determined to be in it. He crawled into my camera bag, he carried off my lens pen, he played with my camera strap. Finally I got the hint and took several photos of him. After that, he completely ignored me- as normal.

Day 78
Day 78

Day 78

You know you live in a small town when the parking garage is one of the tallest buildings :) Today I decided to go to the top level of our monster structure (all 6 stories) and see what I could see. I am glad that I did since I was able to catch a pretty neat shot of the stemple on one of the local churches. I may have to make the trip up there again in the future.

Week 11 is complete

One more week down and quite a few left to go. I am getting more confidence with my shooting style and the nighttime shots do not terrify me any more. Which is a good thing since often times this is when life slows down long enough for me to get my photo. Until the next hub..

"May you always have a seashell in your pocket and sand between your toes"


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    • Hreichel profile imageAUTHOR

      Heather Reichel 

      6 years ago from Northwestern Pennsylvania

      He definitely shares your sentiments ... This is his second appearance - he was also featured prominently on day 31 which is in my week 5 of this series... But being a cat he only cooperates when he feels like it:)

    • alexhd57 profile image


      6 years ago

      Jack is cool. You should definitely reuse his modelling enthusiasm!


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