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Project 365 week 14

Updated on February 1, 2012
Day 93
Day 93

Day 93

A drive over by the lake and I noticed all of the geese gathering near the shoreline. Since it is a man made lake, they draw the water down in the winter. I was going over there to take a photo of some of the structure they have added- basically past years Christmas trees that they weight down for the fish to nest in... Since the geese were there though it made for a two in one photo.Trying to get close enough to get a good photo I spooked the geese and they took flight. Luckily I already had my camera on and ready so I was able to get my photo.

Day 94
Day 94

Day 94

My daughter and I took a ride today in a bonding event of finding the photo for today. After driving for a while, something she said gave me the idea to go search out a train. Of course, when you do not want one- you sit a the cross road for 20 minutes waiting for one to pass. But not today. Instead I drove down to the rail station and there was a train that was sitting there idling. Being that the station is not located in the normal sections of town that my daughter is used to, she was nervous that we were going to get arrested for tresspassing or something so she decided to stay in the car and hide lol. I got out and quickly found a employe to ask permission to step out onto the tracks. After kidding me and asking if I was on any terrorist watch lists, he gave me permission as long as I did not stand infont of the train. Taking a few photos, and getting back in the car I could not resist letting my 16 year old know that I had given him her name and address- so now she had an FBI file. Of course my gullible teenager probably believed me because when we got home she had to tell everyone we were now blacklisted for life.

Day 95
Day 95

Day 95

Driving home one night I saw that the local metal bridge had been decorated with colored spotlights for Christmas. I already had my photo for that day, so I did not take a picture. Tonight was a bit on the rainy side- but I decided to chance it and see if I could pull off a shot without getting myself or my camera wet. It rained pretty hard the entire drive over, but just about the time I was pulling in to the parking lot across the street from the bridge to turn around to go home, it let up and became a slight drizzle. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I hopped out and took a couple photos of the different colors as they changed. It started to rain hard again so I ran back to the car and managed to keep the camera inside my jacket and dry. Even though the bridge looked better in person in the blue flood lights, it did not look as great in the photos. So the red lights won the honor of the Pic of the Day

Day 96
Day 96

Day 96

Our local college is a liberal arts school and they have this on going project where they take recycled road signs and create art with them. They are all on display in front of our local PENNDot terminal and they are really quite photogenic. I will probably get a few more shots of this as the project continues since they have sculpted many different things and not just flowers.

Day 97
Day 97

Day 97

Ok- so remember this is a pic a day no matter what... Good or bad... this happened to go in the bad column. I had a really cool photo in mind and even took the shot. Bad thing was, my camera was still set to the settings I used to take the bridge shot the night before in very low light. So my wonderful photo I took in the middle of the day today turned out to be a white washed mess.. :(

This is a learning process however, and so with only a few minutes left to be considered officially in Day 97 I grabbed a shot of a water drop on a branch outside the front door. Not one of my shining moments for sure- But at least the project is still on track.

Day 98
Day 98

Day 98

Tonight the storm clowds are rolling in, and boy did it get dark fast! This photo was taken at 4pm and shortly after this it looked like it was 10pm. I tried to capture some of the colors because as ominous as it look- it was still quite beautiful.

Day 99
Day 99

Day 99

This is the last day that I will post in double digits! My neighbors have been piling feild stones from their property at the end of their driveway to build this stone fence. I shot it in sepia because it just looked to me like something you would see in an old photograph.

Week 14 is complete

Catching up in my hubs- soon I hope to be current :) This week was filled with outside scenes from around my area in North West Pa. As I drive I am constantly looking for something different or unique that may lend itself to be the next photo of the day. I hope you are enjoy the series as I document my journey through my Project 365

Until next time...

"May you always have a seashell in your pocket and sand between your toes"


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