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Project 365 week 15

Updated on February 1, 2012

December is up and running

For those of you just joining me, this is a Project 365. Which means my goal is to take one photo a day and post it online. The good, the bad and the ugly... as long as it is one photo a day. The hope is as I continue through this they all start to become good! I started this project on September 1st 2011... not your traditional day as most people start January 1st... but I like to be if nothing else, different.

Day 100
Day 100

Day 100

Today I break into the triple digits!!! yeah!!! That is something to celebrate I guess. 100 days without missing one :) Since it is December the holiday decorations are starting to be hung on the houses in my area. I love a traditional look so I went in search of the elegant but simple. Not really wanting to take a photo of a air powered snow globe with a carousel Santa going around inside with millions of Styrofoam beads, I settled on a simple picket fence with a pine garland and red bows.

Day 101
Day 101

Day 101

This is a test shot I took of my kids for a project we were working on. It took us a while but we were able to use the children to spell out the word FAMILY in indiviual letters that I will mat and frame for my mom's Christmas present. It workded pretty slick and everyone go into the creative process on this one. Since there were 6 individual photos for this day- I just decided to put in one of the test shots to make it easier.

Day 102
Day 102

Day 102

As the weather starts to turn colder our evenings soon have the roar of the snow makers filling the air. We live next to a golf course that turns it's attention to a tubing hill as soon as the flags are pulled from the golf season. This has been a rough year for them with our mild weather and all the rain, so they are getting a late start for their base. Since they run the makers mostly at night- the halogen lighting really makes them look cool. They were running them tonight so I decided that would make a great photo- and it was also close to home and it was getting late.

Day 103
Day 103

Day 103

This was one of those days that I decided to take a ride and see where inspiration led me. Downtown we have this market house that is a rather historic building. It is an original style with lots of neat features. Since it was dark, I decided to go with the lit wreath that was hanging up on the gabel end of the building. What really made the photo is that the building date and the "Market House" also made it in the picture.

Day 104
Day 104

Day 104

In keeping with the historic type theme I seem to have going on, I drove to one of our neighboring towns for a photo of one of their most noteable buildings. People would come from near and far to stay in this motel and walk the old boardwalk out to the spring. The board walk is now in ruins (possibly a subject for another day) but the hotel has been maintained in all its glory. Taking the photo in a sepia was a choice I made to try to give the building an antique quality.

Day 105
Day 105

Day 105

Our town is built over a stream that actually runs underneath many buildings and streets. They have put in place something they call the "River Walk". Basically you can follow the path of Mill Creek as it goes under the city by following the special brick side walks. This photo is one such cross walk that is near the Market House (which was my subject from two days ago.) I had it on my mind as I was looking for today's picture and It was a fairly close one to get to.

Day 106
Day 106

Day 106

I was on my way to get on the interstate today and went past the steam engine exhibit as I do so many times. However, as I looked out the corner of my eye I saw the one tractor was sitting in a bit of a puddle and it kind of made it look cool. I just happened to have left early to run my errands so that I would have time to take a photo if I saw something, so I quickly turned around.

Week 15 is complete

Only a few weeks left for this year and still on track! Hopefully you have had a chance to read a few of the other 14 in this series.

Until next time.,,

"May you always have a seashell in your pocket and sand between your toes"


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