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Project 365 week 22

Updated on February 3, 2012

Week 22

With this Hub I officially catch back up to my photo project! I just took the 2nd photo for the week 23 which will end on Thursday. Sure does feel better getting everything back on track. Hope you have enjoyed the series so far... and so it continues...

Day 149
Day 149

Day 149

Today was a drive on the back roads, just to see what I could see... and take a photo of. A clump of cat tails in the ice on one the golf course ponds caught my eye and I decided that even the most mundane of items holds a photo oppurtunity. I took several photos before I finally settled on this one for the day. Chosen mostly due to the way the cat tails seemed to frame the photo the best in this one.

Day 150
Day 150

Day 150

Today was the pinewood derby for my son's cub scout pack. He took first place! yeah :) Since this is his last year as a cub scout (he moves to boy scout next year) it was great to see him take home the big trophy in his last race. Of course that meant that today's photo should commenerate his victory so a close up shot of the cars at weigh in (B&W using a shallow depth of field) was the pick for today.

Day 151
Day 151

Day 151

With the weather clearing up this week I have decided to get a few more photos for my series which includes the run down/ abandoned buildings and objects. Since there is no shortage of these in and about my hometown- the biggest question is which type I should use... Barns and factories or cars and old trucks? the choices, sadly are endless... today was a barn...

Day 152
Day 152

Day 152

A drive to the lake yielded some good photos of the ducks and geese but also a good shot of the docks in the ice and snow. I am a huge fan of water and love to use anything related to it in my photography.

Day 153
Day 153

Day 153

Day 152 marks the end of January... another month down! Today the subject was chosen to just be something fun. One of my daughter's littlest pet shops.... I tried to do a water droplet first... spent over a half and hour in set up and then took over 50 photos, kind of defeated the entire "fun" aspect of the shoot. It is harder then it looks to catch a perfect water drop falling into a plate of water. So I decided to bag the whole water idea for another day and started to look around the house for a small toy. Between my daughter's LPS and my son's Legos- there is always some toy lurking in a dark hallway for an unsuspecting foot to step on them. So finding a subject was relatively easy. This is the final shot for 2011...

January Calendar
January Calendar

January Calendar

As with every completed month I like to add the calendar photo from the Project 365 iPad app and the video of all the pictures taken for the past month. I look forward to creating them and I hope you enjoy them as well

January 2012 video

Day 154
Day 154

Day 154

Back to taking photos in the series of derelict buildings. Our town has one section that is built on these really steep inclines and the amount of land that is able to have buildings is relatively small. Most of the time the home itself takes most of the usable land, so if a family wishes to have a garage they are often built into the hill itself. Sort of and underground structure. This is one of those types of garages. It appears that since this is no longer in use to house vehicles that mother nature has decided that she wishes to reclaim the area for herself. It does not really seem that anyone is arguing with her about it.

Day 155
Day 155

Day 155

My oldest daughter had a dentist appointment today. The cool thing is- our dentist has moved into the old rail station building. Most of the space has been completely redone. However they did leave the orginial wooden beams in the ceiling. Knowing we were going there made the decision of what the photo of the day would be relatively easy. Finding a good spot to take the picture from was the biggest issue. Getting permission to climb the steps into the employee only area to get a better angle was a bonus. So thanks for the photo opp goes out to the office staff!

Week 22 is complete

I am now officially caught back up with my hubs and am back on track... my next series posting will be Friday or Saturday of next week... so until then

"May you always have a seashell in your pocket and sand between your toes."


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    • Hreichel profile imageAUTHOR

      Heather Reichel 

      6 years ago from Northwestern Pennsylvania

      Thank you - I love old barns too... Good thing there is no shortage of them in my area :)

    • Enelle Lamb profile image

      Enelle Lamb 

      6 years ago from Canada's 'California'

      What a great hub - love the pictures, especially the barns :D


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