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Project 365 - week 4

Updated on October 1, 2011

Week 4

Wow!! Can you believe it? September has come and gone! I am through a whole month of photos and still going strong. Thank you to everyone who has posted so many nice comments to my hubs over the last few weeks. It has definitely kept me motivated to continue. For anyone who wants to join in- why wait? It is Oct 1st a perfect day to start!

Day 22 - "E" for eraser
Day 22 - "E" for eraser

Day 22

Today was the letter E... Seems Easy Enough right? Well, I do not have emus in my back yard and to wait until evening to shoot was not an option, so I rounded up as many of the kid's school pencils as I could with different colored erasers and had a photo shoot. So today was "E" for erasers.

Day 23 - "F" for flashlight
Day 23 - "F" for flashlight

Day 23

Well- since my photo of a fork showed every single scratch and nick on our silverware I was not really all that happy with the results so I went looking for another subject. My daughter suggested flashlight and happily provided the prop. I thought it looked kind of neat with the green ring of light that reflected off the backdrop.

Day 24 - "G" for garden
Day 24 - "G" for garden

Day 24

For those of you who have followed this series you may remember the very first photo of the pea blossom. Here is the end result of that first photo. Since today was "G" I decided that garden was appropriate and the morning dew on the pea pod gave a cool look to the vegetable. The most difficult aspect of this challenge is to try to take a photo a day that does not look like every other photo you have taken. Finding the odd or inspiring aspects of everyday living and looking for the details you normally miss has sometimes been a difficult thing to do. However, I am going to continue to do this each and every day for the entire year.

day 25 - "H" for hay
day 25 - "H" for hay

Day 25

Living somewhat in the country, h should have been an easy letter. Herd, Horse, etc... unfortunately the neighbors cows were in the back field and their horse was in the barn. Go figure. Since I also live near the airport my daughter and I jumped in the car when we heard a helicopter approaching. Down the road I drove with her leaning out the window trying to keep it in sight. This too proved to be just too much to ask for as the helicopter did not land as we thought it would and continued on its merry way past the runways. So driving home and wondering if I was going to be taking a picture of our house, we spotted the hay. So, today was "H" for hay.

Day 26 - "I" for ice
Day 26 - "I" for ice
day 26 extra
day 26 extra
day 25 extra- water glass splash
day 25 extra- water glass splash

Day 26

Today was the letter I.... so I figured ice was the perfect subject. Little did I know that ice cubes do not photograph well. It has something to do with the impurities of the water- they turn white. Trust me, they do not look like ice cubes then. So back to the internet I went. What did we ever do without this? I googled "how to photograph ice" and all these postings for acrylic ice showed up. There was no way I was going to get them in time for today, so I resigned myself to having to chose another subject. Then I saw a DYI posting for how to make them. (I may hub about this later- it was kind of an ordeal) With my newly made ice cubes I took several photos. Even ones with my husband dropping them into a glass of water to catch the splash. (we only broke one glass doing this .. LOL..) I enclosed three photos for today- only because I figured if I stunk the entire house up making those ice cubes I was going to show you how they really looked. I took the first with the cubes stacked on a mirror and added a bit of water to make them appear melting. The next was just two cubes by themselves and the last was one of the water glass drops.

you will need these to melt to make your own ice cubes

Day 27 - "J" for jigger
Day 27 - "J" for jigger

Day 27

Today was J, so I drove over to the lake and took a photo of a jetty... it turned out so so... I drove to the airport to see if I would get lucky and maybe a jet would be out... no luck... so I drove home and got on the internet. A jigger is a fluid measurement for alcohol that equals one and a half ounces. So my husband's whiskey got to be the subject today. Unfortunately for me, a little bit ran down the side of the shot glass and I instinctively licked it off my finger. Ewww... I really do not like that stuff. So feeling slightly ill, I completed the photos and decided no more pictures for today.

Day 28- "K" for Ketchup
Day 28- "K" for Ketchup

Day 28

This was the first phot since the frog that my son was truly excited about. He loves ketchup. So I let him direct the show. We took photos of ketchup only, ketchup coming out of the bottle, and the one I used for today- Ketchup on a plate.

for my lighting

LumaPro 2V647 Clamp On Light, 150 W
LumaPro 2V647 Clamp On Light, 150 W

Since I do not have studio lights I use two of these with sheer drapes in front of them for my lighting :) you can then add colored bulbs or black lightbulbs for neat effect...just a bit of a tip


until next time

That concludes this weeks posting- sorry it is a little late. I am in a Facebook Photo contest to win a family vacation to the Outer Banks and it ends on Oct 5th, so it has been a nerve racking week trying to rally my friends to vote. If anyone out there reading this is willing to help a fellow Hubber out (and you also have Facebook) give me a comment and I will send you a link to "like" my photo. Not sure I should post it here~ (are there rules against this?!?!)

until we meet again in cyber world

"may you always have a seashell in your pocket and sand between your toes"


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    • Robin Anderson profile image

      Robin Anderson 

      7 years ago from United States

      Love this Hub

    • Seafarer Mama profile image

      Karen A Szklany 

      7 years ago from New England

      Great idea for a hub series. Enjoy your notes about how the pictures were made. Voted "Up, Awesome" and "Interesting." will follow so that I can keep up with the rest.

    • Hyphenbird profile image

      Brenda Barnes 

      7 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

      As always, your photos amaze and inspire me. You are a true artist. I did start mine, but only on my own. I am keeping a photo journal on my computer. I used several on a Hub though. The Wabi-Sabi Hub has a photo of dew on a mini tomato. I think it turned out well if you are interested to see it. I will look forward to your next posting. I do not have Facebook or I would vote for you there.


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