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Project 365 week 9

Updated on January 30, 2012

20 Hubs!

Yahoo... I finally hit the 20 hub mark... to some that is not a big deal I realize this. But to me- I am behind in my hubbing by about 15 hubs, so it is a milestone :)

Day 58
Day 58

Day 58

Today was a foggy day, it hung in the air like the clouds were laying down taking a nap. It made for some interesting effects as I shot today's photo. This is the same effect that you can get with a fog or haze filter for your camera lens... but today mother nature provided it free.

Day 59
Day 59

Day 59

There is a place where people go to feed carp in north western Pa. called Pymaturning Spillway. The fish are so plentiful that the ducks will walk right across their heads for a chance at a scrap of bread. This big guy was just sitting their waiting for me to throw him some food. I decided to make him work for his dinner- I think he did a good job and I gave him two pieces.

Just in case you want to go see the fish yourself

Pymatuning state park:
Pymatuning State Park, Linesville, PA 16424, USA

get directions

Day 60
Day 60

Day 60

A rake left up against the tree in the late afternoon autumn sun. It just looked like a very typical PA fall scene and so this is the photo that I chose for today. It was one of those days that I did not leave the house, so I was looking for my inspiration close by. Lucky for me, the neighbor had been doing yard work and left his tools out. Although I took several other photos around the house- this was my favorite

Day 61
Day 61
October is complete
October is complete

Day 61

Today I decided to try a reflection photo. I looked and looked for something to take a picture of around the larger lake near my home- but the sun was just not cooperating. I took the long way back trying to decide what my photo options were for the day, resigning myself to the fact that this was maybe not a good day for the type of subject I wanted to do. When all of a sudden the sun peeked out for just a few minutes as I was passing by this small pond with an old dock. I found a safe place to pull off the road and quickly grabbed this photo before the cloud cover came back.

This completed the month of October. Yippee!! Two months down and ten more to go!

Project 365 October 2011

Day 62
Day 62

Day 62

This was an extremely foggy day, this photo appears to be a moon at night when actually it is the sun at about 11:30 in the morning. It was kind of a neat scene driving around in the fog in the daytime, since normally it is dawn or dusk when we have this. It cast an ominous look to the cemetary I drove past that's for sure.

Day 63
Day 63

Day 63

Throughout my travels, I notice I tend to take note of old farm equipment and vehicles, broken down old barns, rickety old docks, and basically anything that mother nature is reclaiming as her own. Yes, it seems that I am developing a little bit of a style for this area. Along with water - these images are staring to appear more and more in my photography.

Day 64
Day 64

Day 64

I love log cabins! And they make excellent photography subjects. The textures of the logs mixed with the field stones of the fireplace lent themselves to be in a photo. This was taken in our bicentenial park where they replicated one of the original settler's cabins. I took many photos of the cabin, but this turned out to be one of my favorites.

Week 9 ends

The completion of this week also carries the completion of October, so it is a two for one deal. I head into November at full steam wondering what the next couple months will have in store for me.

Until we meet again

"May you always have a seashell in your pocket and sand between your toes"


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