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Purple Mountain Majesty

Updated on February 5, 2015

Tucson sits in a valley surrounded by mountains. The mountains themselves do much to contribute to the natural beauty of the area. But when, combined with the changing rays of the rising or setting sun, the resulting beauty is almost beyond words.

Since the days are becoming shorter, evening commuters are treated to a spectacular sight on their drive home from work. Looking at the changing colors on the towering Catalina mountains to the northeast one can easily see what Katharine Lee Bates had in mind when she wrote “For purple mountain majesties” as the third line of her classic patriotic hymn, America the Beautiful.

The pictures below don't really do justice to the beauty of Tucson's majestic purple mountains that one sees while driving home in the evening, they will give you an idea of the beauty we have to offer here.

Santa Catalina Mountains in distance as I head Homeward on Freeway

Looking across the street from where I detoured to pick up my son on the way home.

Santa Catalina Mountains loom large as we continue homeward.


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      ashley 8 years ago

      OMG i always wanty to see the way everything is the world is....... it is soo prtetty are world has sooo maney buitfull, thing to offer us from the mountains tio the prays to the onses to light welll the m,ountains are everywhere you look and the corlsand the floighy that the bueraty of our world the prays are veryyyy pretty and the lakeas and the once to the way verything is in it it is ooo pretty .......... And the light from alskeaare very warming in every way you only see and couple times and as lifetime that y we should live it upp drink it upp and lookand around if you wates to maney years our you live you want be abliey to seee all the onter thiong in life that god gave uswss thank you ...'aeriogn