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Quick and Easy Silk Flower Crowns

Updated on March 16, 2011

Making flower crowns is a great project for summer festivals, camps, and other group activities. This craft has its origins in many European cultures, where flower crowns, garlands, and wreaths are used to decorate for midsummer celebrations.

Partial wreath, taping flower stems on.
Partial wreath, taping flower stems on.


Floral wire

Wire cutters strong enough to cut floral stems

Floral tape

Various silk flowers, cut to length

Making the crown

1. Wrap wire around the head to measure it, then twist the wire ends together to form a circle.

2. Lay the first flower stem against the wire circle.

3. Stretching the floral tape to make it sticky, wrap closely around the stem and the wire, pinching to secure.

4. Keep adding flowers until the design is done.


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