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Really Fun Crafts to Do with your Kids

Updated on November 2, 2011
Fish template. The nose comes in to a stub so you have enough to glue the lips on. The fins can be a larger since this is a larger fish. I just ran out of room.
Fish template. The nose comes in to a stub so you have enough to glue the lips on. The fins can be a larger since this is a larger fish. I just ran out of room. | Source
Bat template.
Bat template. | Source

Fun with Kids

A lot of my friends always say I don't know how you do it. And then comes the blank stare from me because I'm lost as to what they are talking about. Having always been crafty, it is quite impossible for me not to think of something fun to do with my kids or someone else's kids for that matter. It's a talent that has served me well when I meet a child who doesn't know me.

Since I am new to hubpages I tried to think what do I have to offer you the people who will read this. Naturally like you I need money. I work very hard as I imagine you do and we are all just trying to get ahead. Me I am trying to get enough money to purchase a lawyer. Do I think I will get that from this page? No, but every little bit helps I guess. Brings me back to what am I good at. I have an infinity for entertaining children. One of my friends said something to me and it stuck. He said,"You know he walked around for three days with that fish he was so proud of it." And so I thought I will post my three newest craft ideas: a fish,a pumpkin and a bat.

Thing is being a crafty person I was thinking at the time we did it he used too much glue. But being a mommy and a girl scout leader over the years I have learned short comings have no place around kids. Another words, ignore it because it is not your craft. And LAUGH because maybe seeing the world in that special way will make him or her the better person you wish this world was full of, but maybe you can't always seem to find.

So I have three crafts that as far as I know came from my head. My first was inspired by Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister because I read alot and so of course I read to kids. I put my templates that I drew or cut out freehand up so you can print them, I think. I like fish: they are something I know something about so my first one had a huge upper fin and a little lower fin and then two tails. It was foam because I had not decided whether it would be a magnet or hang down from the ceiling like a mobile sort of.

What you need for fish: FOAM Paper any color, Glitter Glue, magnet, or string and a hole puncher.

So, after I cut it all out we glued all the different parts on. Lips, fins, tails. Then I relinquished all control and gave him the glitter glue. He proceeded to use all the red, a little blue, gold, and silver all over this fish. Because I am trying to get him to learn his colors we had to say and play a little hide and seek with the glue. This is a 15 minute craft because attention spans on little kids tend to be quick. If I wanted to make it last longer I might have suggested we make designs, add another fin, eyes, and gills. When he was done this fish weighed like a pound because of all the glue. It took two days to dry, but the next morning when he got up his mom said he couldn't wait to show her. And every time his brother grabs it he has a cow.

What you need for Pumpkin: Round FOAM Paper orange, and construction paper various colors.

Craft number two: I had these round foam circles and I had orange. I hate orange with a passion. THE ONLY GOOD THING THAT I KNOW OF ORANGE IS PUMPKINS. Sorry orange people. I got out the construction paper and started cutting stems. We talked about wiggle stems, straight, tree like stems. In the end everyone wanted wiggly. So I cut wiggly. I had two that were in my opinion adequate to the size of the foam and one I thought I cut too small. Imagine my surprise when one of the two pumpkins ended up with two stems. Then I asked what kind of eyes we wanted, nose and mouth.When it was done I had a pumpkin with stems one way the eyes in the opposite direction then the smile and then the nose. Thing is it really is my funniest pumpkin ever and it cheers me up just thinking about it.

What you need for Bat: Black construction paper and glitter glue, pipe cleaners.

I have the template if you can't make one so have no worries. I will post it later. This was just another way for us to go through the colors have some fun and make a craft. I cut the antennas and they glued them on. Then we talked about bats having red eyes so we used red glitter glue. This bat will take another two days to dry but he had fun and we practiced the colors.

Until we meet again have a great day and to my kids Mommy loves you.


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    • pinktulipfairie profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Torrey Pines Beach

      Thank you so much. Im so glad and yours comment brightened my day.

    • prasetio30 profile image


      6 years ago from malang-indonesia

      This was so beautiful crafts and great for the kids. You have nice idea here. Thanks for writing and share with us. Well done and VOTE UP!



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