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Recycling Crafts: Egg Cartons

Updated on September 27, 2012

Fun & Functional!

Combine two wonderful activities ~ making crafts and recycling! Here are some really great project ideas you can do recycling egg cartons.

Spending time crafting together is a great way to experience family bonding and fun. Even better, you'll be helping the environment at the same time by recycling as well as saving a little money on the side!

For more great ideas on recycled egg carton crafts, just follow the source links under each of the pictures. Happy Crafting!


Desk Organizer:

Paint it or leave it "as is" ~ this fantastic little number can be set out on top of the desk or in a drawer for easy organization & access!

The only thing you really need for this craft is the egg carton it's self & the stuff you want to put into it. It's pretty much already done. Optional supplies: paint, glitter, buttons, stickers, ribbon, felt strips (or anything else you desire)


Garden Starter

Get your gardening started early this year ~ or keep an herb garden in your kitchen year 'round!

You'll need:

  • egg carton
  • potting soil
  • seeds
  • toothpicks with paper tags optional - for labeling your rows

Use cardboard cartons for seedlings you intend to transplant outside. Simply cut them apart when the time comes & drop the entire compartment into the hole! The cardboard will deteriorate once wet and in the earth.

Use Styrofoam or plastic cartons for keeping an indoor herb garden: poke a hole at the base of each compartment and use the cut off lid as a base tray to catch any excess water.


Treat Buddies

Fun & festive for all occasions, just a tweak or two for each holiday and you've got wonderful, individualized treat cups for each child and/or adult!

Supplies needed:

  • Acrylic paint
  • Tissue paper
  • Google eyes
  • Craft glue or hot glue gun (with hot glue sticks)
  • candy to fill it!

Optional supplies:

  • feathers (to turn this cute buddy into a turkey at thanksgiving
  • construction paper (to cut out ears for Easter & make it a bunny)
  • small pom pom (as a tail for your Easter bunny buddy)
  • any other embellishments you desire!

Cut out the cups from the egg carton. Paint with acrylic paint & let dry. Glue on the eyes and any other added decoration & let dry. Cut a small square of tissue paper to use as a liner & fill with candy. It's that simple! (and oh so adorable!)


Button Sorting Game:

Make a game for your preschooler or toddler that will bring them hours of enjoyment!


  • egg carton
  • buttons - assortment of sizes, shapes, & colors
  • any embellishments you want

Keep the lid on this project! The open lid is a great place for the kids to put the buttons that need sorting, while the compartments allow for the sorted pieces to stay separated. When your child is finished playing, just close it back up for easy storage.


You could paint a different color at the bottom of each compartment for the child to match with buttons of the same color.

You could paint the outside or decorate it with ribbons, stickers, or other eye catching materials to make it stand out from your average egg carton.

Kids can sort by size, shape, or color... or a combination of the three!


Egg People!

Make your own play figures or turn them into ornaments! This is a super cute craft idea.


  • Scissors
  • Craft glue or Hot glue gun (with hot glue sticks)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Permanent marker
  • Whole puncher
  • Material for stringing (if making ornaments)
  • Any other embellishments you would like

Take 2 compartments and glue them together to make the body. Another 2 forms the head and hair (or hat). Add frills and decorate as desired. Use the hole punch on the lid (or if decorating the outfit), take the holes to make the eyes (or use googly eyes if you prefer).

These little cuties are only limited by your imagination!


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    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 3 years ago from Canada

      These are so sweet! More great ideas.

    • Mom Kat profile image

      Mom Kat 5 years ago from USA

      They are adorable aren't they? And so easy to make. I can think of so many occasions where these would just add a little extra something :)

    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 5 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      The treat buddies are so cute. Great ideas to entertain children on a rainy day.