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Photographing on the Beach

Updated on August 3, 2014
Used by permission from the artist
Used by permission from the artist | Source

If you have a beach near you, then any open space will do and you can digitally substitute the backdrop with one featuring a beach scene. Most digital editing programs will let you do this quite easily.

However, do not get hung up on featuring a beach scene. If you can find a open area which features green pasture and you can use a low perspective to include some of the blue sky, then this is just as good as conducting the shoot at the beach.

Here is a fun photography project which does not take much time or money to do.

Simply put you need to find an open space, preferably the beach, have a model wearing some colorful outfit; shorts, pants etc and have her run and jump while she drags a long silk type ribbon or scarf that is the same color as her outfit or at least parts of it.

The beach lends itself well because of the color of the ocean which makes a good contrasting view with whatever the color of the ribbon is and by using a low perspective you can add even more color by including portions of the blue sky.

Although one model wearing different colors and using different color ribbons will do, it is often better to have a few models with each featuring a different color scheme plus ribbon.

The key is to have enough silk type ribbon to make it stretch out behind her thus creating a long flowing form.

Approximate four yards will be enough, but you can play with different sizes to see which one is a better fit or creates a better picture.

This is better done during the daytime but not at mid-day. The best times are usually during day break or at dusk.

If doing so at dusk remember to use a good flash unit to highlight the model and the ribbon.

CC0 1.0
CC0 1.0 | Source

You can also have the models stand still if there is enough wind to carry the ribbon/scarf.

If you really want to get creative try to make designs, like the colors of a flag, by positioning models in sitting, kneeling and standing positions next to each other.

This will let the wind carry the ribbons and sorts of creates designs that appear to be flags..

Does it sound like something you might do?

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This is really good for wedding, graduations and other social events.

A group of bridesmaids trailing ribbons in the color chosen by the bride adds charm to a wedding photo series.

Even the bride can get involved by having her stand still (running in her wedding gown is not recommended) while she holds a ribbon or scarf in a color of her choice. You need some wind for this or have a large fan at hand.

For graduations graduates can do the same but with ribbons featuring their school colors.

Use your imagination as this is a simple theme with very few requirements other than some ribbons/scarfs and an open area.

However, this can even be done in any area so long as the models have enough room to run and have a clutter free backdrop.

These images are useful for photography related publications and for individual purposes like private clients.

This does not mean that you should pursue this for purely commercial intentions.

Many photographers including the majority of professionals often undertake projects for their own enjoyment.

Any photographic project regardless of the original purpose for doing it serves to practice the craft and can be utilized to discover new methods, techniques and overall new ways of doing things.

Practice the craft, hone your skills and if you make some money along the way then that much better.

© 2014 Luis E Gonzalez


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    • LuisEGonzalez profile image

      Luis E Gonzalez 3 years ago from Miami, Florida

      Lady Guinevere: Thank you

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 3 years ago from West By God

      Really good ideas. I need to learn how to hold still. I got a tripod, but you cannot take it everywhere. Thanks for the ideas.