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Rpg Maker VX Chipsets

Updated on May 16, 2010

Looking for a new town that isn't in a lot of other games? Maybe a slimy cave? Well, today's your day. Here's some of the very bestest of the best resources for rpg maker vx chipsets. That's the fancy way of saying tiles, it's more used by the older RM crowd.

A few of these links will be easier to find your way around with google translator. They're easy enough even if you don't use that though if you're familiar with the internet! For example, the vx blogs have an "older posts" link at the bottom of each page. Clicking around will get you there fast. There's a catch, you can't just throw most of these in your games that easily...

How to add chipsets

These chipsets are more difficult to use than in all the other maker programs. You'll have to open up a graphics editor and paste the new tiles onto your sheets. Takes a little practice but it's really easy once you get the hang of it. Rpg Maker VX uses the same tilesets on every map instead of forcing you to use a different one each time you want a new environment. There are also rmvx scripts to add more tilesets but those are complicated.


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