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Sand Art

Updated on October 22, 2011

Next time you go to the beach, don't return empty handed. Bring a bagful of sand with you so that you can try your hand at sand art!

What is Sand art?

It is a technique by which you can make beautiful designs and crafts with coloured sand. A common form of sand art is that which is done by monks where the sand is poured in a very concise pattern to make a colourful design.

Sand paintings are also an integral part of the Navajo healing ceremonies where paintings are made with natural coloured sand and the designs are ceremonial.


Sand is easily available and you can make a myriad of designs and crafts with sand. Sand Art is inexpensive and an easy technique. But the best thing is that it offers something for everyone with a creative imagination.

How to start?

Collect some clean, fine sand from a beach. Next, strain the collected sand to ensure that there aren't any large pieces or pebbles in it. Now you are ready to give colours to it.

If the sand is hard to get, you may use salt in its place and create some salty sand art!

Making coloured sand

Put some sand in a clear plastic bag and add a few drops of food colour to it. Tie the bag securely so that most of the air is out. Now shake the bag or use your fingers to press the bag gently from the outside to mix the colour in the sand. Make sure that the colouring is evenly distributed throughout the sand. Now let this sand dry for a while before you use it.

Choose from a variety of different colours. You may also use golden glitter mixed in a few drops of water to get some shining, sparkling sand. Keep different coloured sand in separate containers. Now you are ready to create some beautiful crafts with sand!


Take a piece of paper. Draw anything you like on it. You can make a flower, a landscape, an animal etc. Now apply glue to it. Carefully spread the coloured sand on the glued areas with a paper funnel or just sprinkle it with your hands. Continue filling in the picture or pattern, using one colour at a time. Let the sand sit on the drawing for a while and then shake off the excess and let it dry. This is a very common form of sand art which children love.

Another popular form of sand art is bottle sand art. For that, take a clear vase, a jam jar or any other transparent bottle that you have at hand. Now carefully pour the coloured sand, one colour after another, in layers, into the glass jar. This makes a pretty decoration and a good gift item.

You could also add a layer of soil on top of your layers of coloured sand in the bottle to grow small cactus plants in. But take care while watering your plant. Don't give it too much water or the coloured layers will get disturbed. Also be careful with the container you have filled with coloured sand for if it falls or is shaken hard, the design will be lost.

A Preview Of How It Is Done


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    • profile image

      chrisiee 7 years ago

      i think its a good idea about the wedding centerpieces i actually did 1 2day with salt and sidewalk chalk at my acation bible school

    • profile image

      Lynda 8 years ago

      I am trying to make some for my daughter's wedding centerpieces. My sister says it is a dumb idea. What are people saying about this? I think its unique.

    • profile image

      Thalia 8 years ago

      These creations are so good. I am actually trying to make some for my wedding centerpieces. Do you by chance have any tips or by chance would be willing to make some centerpieces because I have never done them before.

    • hassam profile image

      hassam 10 years ago from Pakistan

      Thanks again for the appreciation

    • funride profile image

      Ricardo Nunes 10 years ago from Portugal

      Nice hub, I really love artistic sand works. The ones with coloured sand are amazingly beautiful. I also have some sandcastles photos in my "Vacation in Algarve" hub.