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Sand Art of India

Updated on December 5, 2011

What is sand art?

Sand art is a unique art which usually kids create amazing art work according to their imagination in sand. Sometimes bright colors are added to the sand to get a unique color of their choice. Usually it is done on the beach where sand is available aplenty. Sand art creations using Beach sand last longer because it is wet and damp which makes the water to bond the sand. These sculptures outdoors can last for one to three months, but if kept indoors can last longer.Many people have taken up sand art as a profession and have become sand artists, which is gaining popularity now. Several photos and videos are available on the net of this unique art.


Sudarshan Pattnaik

Sudarshan Pattnaik of Puri started sculpting images on sand at the young age of seven. Born in a poor family in Orissa he used to make images of Gods and Goddesses with sand in the shores of Bay of Bengal. He is the inventor of sand art in India. Even without a coach or any other help, believing in himself and his hard work, he made his own identity in this unique art, which took him to represent Indian arts into international level. He is surely an inspiration to the young generation of India.


Goa Sand Art Festival 2011

Goa Sand Art Festival is held every year in the month of December for three days since two years. This year the unique festival is held from December 16 to 18 at Miramar Beach in Panjim. The theme for 2010 was Wildlife Conservation and for 2009 was Global Warming. Similarly this year also the festival is with a unique theme. The theme for this festival (Goa Sand Art Festival 2011) is Marine Life - Unseen Treasures Under Water. The festival will showcase sand sculptures, sand dance and drawings.

Some of his well known creations

He had with his team, created a 100 feet long Sand Santa Clause at Puri on the eve of Christmas and engraved the names which is in the Guinness book of world record for having created the longest sand carved Santa Claus.

Another well known art created by them is Sleeping Monalisa which won peoples choice award at 3rd Moscow Sand sculpture championship in Orissa.

The 15 feet sand statue of Lord Buddha won him the people’s choice award at the world championship held in Berlin.

A 15 feet high Hindu God Ganesh to create awareness among the people on the potential dangers of global warming at the International Sand Championship.

On the 64th Birthday of Amitab Bachchan the sand artist created a sand sculpture of the mega super star on the sea beach resort of Puri to wish him Happy Birthday.

Sand Festival in Konark

An international sand festival was organized by the State Tourism Department at Konark on Chandrabhagha beach from 1st to 5th December 2011. It was the first time in Odisha such an event took place.

Awards for Sudarshan Pattnaik

Sculptor Sudarshan Pattnaik has participated in over 35 international sand sculpture championships and won many awards.

Awards from India

People of the Year 2009” by Limca book

National Tourism award 2005-2006” by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. India.

"Excellency Award 2006” By The Sulabh International and The Society of Sri Lanka Justice of the Peace Human Rights Organization.

“Award of Excellence” By State bank of India BBSR Circle.

Bharat Jyoti Award 2001

International Awards:

He has participated in several International Competitions and won prizes and medals from 1998 till 2010.

Sudarshan Sand Art Institute

Sudarshan Pattnaik began an institute in 1994 at Puri beach to popularise this unique art in India. It is known as Sudarshan Sand Art Institute. The Art Institute is an open-air institute with no boundaries and limitations.The students come not only from India even from several foreign countries too to learn about this unique art from the self-taught guru. His objective is to create professional artists through regular curriculum in this school of art and culture in a Gurukul concept. He conducts training and workshops in different parts of India.


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      lex123 5 years ago

      Thanks for reading the hub and voting up. I appreciate it.

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      Beautiful. Voted up!

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      Well-crafted arts. Thanks for the share.

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      Thanks TrahnTheMan for visiting my hub and leaving valuable comment. That is what I have heard about using water to bind the sand. I really wonder how it binds just with water!

    • TrahnTheMan profile image

      TrahnTheMan 5 years ago from Asia, Oceania & between

      Beautiful imagery- thank you for sharing. Is it really true that they only use water to bind the sand?

    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      This is incredible stuff, which I did not know existed. Thanks for revealing it to me. Voting this Up and Interesting.

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      lex123 6 years ago

      Thanks moiragallaga for stopping by, and leaving an encouraging comment. It is a great medium to show one's creation. Really fabulous!

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      lex123 6 years ago

      vrajavala, thanks for reading the hub . Though they are impermanent they look fascinating.

    • moiragallaga profile image

      Moira Garcia Gallaga 6 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      A very interesting hub with good pictures, lex123. Reminds me of the time our family went to New Hampshire, there was a sand sculpture competition on Hampton Beach which was a by-invitation event. Sand art and sand sculptures are fascinating creations. It is amazing what a bit of creativity and imagination can accomplish using sand as a medium.

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 6 years ago from south Florida

      What a unique talent sand painting is! Thanks for sharing these remarkable photos and info, Les. Fascinating!

    • vrajavala profile image

      vrajavala 6 years ago from Port St. Lucie

      Very beautiful. Like the sand mandala of the monks: impermanent. But, isn't everything?